Nirit Toledano

Cellcom Israel Ltd. was established in 1994 and Israel’s largest and leading telecommunications company. Cellcom offers the largest and widest customer service system in Israel, including telephone customer service centers, sales stores and service centers nationwide.

The recruitment department at Cellcom is responsible for all recruitment and mobilization processes in the organization, including sorting and recruiting headquarters positions and sales and service representatives. The department is responsible for the recruitment in Cellcom, NetVision and Dynamica and adapts to the recruitment needs of the various companies.

Our recruitment method has so far included manually typing thousands of resumes a month (typing the applicant’s personal details, implementing the resume in the system and adjusting a job that matches his or her skills). This work style required a lot of resources and investment of many hours of work by manually typing the resume into the system, all before contacting applicants and examining their suitability for jobs.

In June 2013, we began examining various recruitment systems. The decision came about from the need to streamline the work processes, reduce the time spent typing and utilizing our resources to focus on the candidates themselves rather than the surrounding operations. Accordingly, we decided to look for an advanced recruitment system with an automatic resume filing and analysis mechanism.

It was important for us first and foremost to find an innovative and advanced technological environment, and accordingly much emphasis was given to internet systems on a cloud platform. After a few test sessions with a number of the best companies in the market and a pilot we conducted with them – we chose Niloosoft’s Hunter HRMS, and in January 2014 we went live.

The system is very intuitive and user-friendly, which made it very easy for us to switch to a new system. The automatic resume filing mechanism is excellent and the auto-hunter scans the resume and finds exact matches to the keywords we enter. Connecting to the system is so friendly – with no need to install software on the computer and is available to us from any computer anytime, anywhere.

From the beginning of the project we have been attached to a professional and dedicated customer manager, who has studied our unique practices and needs and accompanies us on a daily basis at all stages of characterization and implementation of any development that is done until receiving a product that meets our requirements. Of course, many characteristics have been made and are still being made to adapt the system to our needs, a great example of this is the development of a new mass module built specifically for us and adapted to our mass recruitment. The module includes evaluation centers, courses and documentation of the applicant’s process at all stages. Another development is a standard report that allows us to keep up to date in real time on the number of positions currently open in the company, how many  positions have been filled out each month, measuring SLA to close an internal/external position.

Niloosoft are our business partner and thanks to a good recruitment system there is no doubt that we are reaching our goals.


Nirit Toledano | Project Supervisor | Recruitment Department | Cellcom Group