Hunter Internal Mobility- Internal nude portal

Hunter Internal Mobility

Internal nude portal

Many organizations see internal nudation as a supreme value!
Interested in preserving your employees, human capital, knowledge and experience? Today, promoting employees is the solution that contributes greatly to the organization in these terms!

Even in the eyes of employees, promotion is seen as an option of crucial weight in the workplace!
Places that don’t promote employees or don’t seem to have an option in promotion are ranked lower in the polls by candidates.

It is worth noting that internal cinging is usually cheaper and easier to perform than bringing people out of the organization.

In order to help the organization retain and promote existing employees, Nilsoft has developed Hunter Internal Mobility as an internal mobility portal, exposed only to employees of the organization, where jobs and promotion opportunities are published for employees only.

At Niloosoft Hunter Internal Mobility employee can:

  • See the advertised jobs for internal promotion.
  • Apply for a job and start the recruitment process!

Thus, through the Hunter EDGE recruitment system you can track the promotion in your company without missing any employees. It is important to note that the job posting at Hunter Internal Mobility is performed directly from within the Niloosoft system by no more than one click of a button!

As part of the efforts on employee retention so important to organizations, employee promotion is one of the best solutions!

Promote your employees with Hunter Internal Mobility!

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