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Direct interface system for placement agencies

Using placement agencies to recruit for your organization?

At Niloosoft, we develop solutions that streamline the recruitment process and make it more automated! If your organization is using the advanced recruitment system, Hunter EDGE, you can post job openings directly through the recruitment system to placement agencies and HR teams.

You can post job openings for placement agencies that work with the Hunter EDGE recruitment system and those that haven’t worked with it yet. Placement agencies that your organization collaborates with but hasn’t used the advanced Hunter EDGE system will receive direct access without any cost!

What is the direct interface system for placement agencies at no cost?

The direct interface system is a communication tool that allows direct connections between placement agencies and organizations, enabling job postings and recruitment process management without the need for emails and other manual tools.

How does it work?
  • We enable your organization to post job openings to placement agencies and HR teams working with the Hunter EDGE recruitment system.
  • Placement agencies that haven’t collaborated with Niloosoft yet receive the system without any cost. After receiving the job posting through the direct interface, placement agencies receive immediate feedback on whether they can submit the candidate to your organization or if it’s blocked by the system.
  • By which parameters does the smart interface know how to alert the placement agency whether the submission is possible or blocked?
    The Hunter EDGE recruitment system identifies duplications and checks the time limit defined by the placement agency’s contract.
    If the candidate exists in the organization’s recruitment system and is under the time limit of another placement agency, the next agency won’t be able to submit. If the candidate is unknown and not in the organization’s system, the interface allows secure submission to your organization and defines the placement agency as the candidate’s supplier.
  • Another option for your organization is that, after receiving and managing the candidate in the recruitment process, the placement agency will receive automatic updates on the candidate’s progress during the recruitment stages.
  • The significant advantage? You skip the step of receiving resumes with personal details and efficiently work with placement agencies on exposed candidates in a fast, smooth, and technological way through the Hunter EDGE recruitment system!

Through the direct interface system to placement agencies, your organization streamlines the management of recruitment processes with placement agencies and keeps them updated on their candidates quickly, smoothly, and technologically, all thanks to the Hunter EDGE recruitment system!

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