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Campaign Management Landing Pages

Want to quickly recruit leads for a specific job or project without the need for a resume?

In recent years, the use of landing pages has proven to be the perfect solution for such rapid recruitment.

For organizations that are facing the recruitment challenge and are looking to get candidates for jobs or projects quickly, we have developed a campaign management system that enables the creation of landing pages and easily publishing jobs to achieve leads in a flash!

This system enables the organization to run and manage campaigns on all known promotional tools such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and even content sites.

Landing pages make it possible to create and strengthen the branding of the employer so important for successful recruitment.

Hunter Campaigns Manager is a digital marketing tool that increases the percentage of recruitment success in bringing in relevant leads!

In fact they are:

  • Accessible to candidates with one click.
  • Designed and characterized precisely for the purpose of submitting a quick hand (application).
  • Interface directly with the Niloosoft Hunter EDGE recruitment system and its reports.
  • Allow tracking of the source of the applicant’s arrival. Responsive (tailored to mobile and any device).

How does it work?

All you have to do is post the landing page wherever you want (you can also on your website)!

We recommend using the landing page through electoral mailings, Google advertising, Facebook promotions, banners on websites, etc.
Hence, with one click, the candidate exposed to the specific job or project you presented in the publication enters the Hunter Campaigns Manager landing page, enters his personal information, sends you and that’s it!
Give you a new relevant hand in the Niloosoft Hunter EDGE recruitment system!

Naturally! The design of the landing page is personal and adapted in the company spirit and is created with the full branding of the employer.
Moreover, the option to add additional windows for entering candidate information is open for your decision!

Hunter Campaigns Manager is an accurate, smart and effective recruitment solution that saves time and quite a few unnecessary clicks!

See examples of our customers’ designed landing pages:

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