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We've collected the most frequently asked questions about our Hunter EDGE recruitment system for you!

A good professional recruitment system is a tool for any recruiter.
The system streamlines recruitment processes in terms of saving time, speed and order. Through the system, it is possible to create the retention and organization of the CV database, create a history for candidates, match jobs to candidates, track reports and more!
Wow! First of all working with Excel tables and emails manually is not easy, so in apo!
At work without a recruitment system, candidates can be missed and work times take a lot of time. The recruitment system will save you a lot of time - from automatic duplicate checking, saving candidate history, creating reports at the touch of a button, smart cuts across the resume repository, job postings to social networks!
We'd love to introduce you to the system, ensuring your output improves miraculously!

Not necessarily, there are small companies that manage the recruitment processes through the system - it is important to remember that the data that affects the question is how many recruitments does that company have? That is, it is less than a year how many employees are in the same company but what is the turnover of employees for example.
Usually a recruitment system is suitable for organizations that recruit at least 5 jobs at the same time who want to organize and organize in the recruitment processes.
Hunter EDGE recruitment system has 5 versions in order to create maximum suitability for our customers:
Tailored recruitment system for organizations -
1. Standard recruitment system - adapted for small organizations.
2. Professional recruitment system - adapted to medium-sized organizations.
3. Enterprise recruitment system - adapted for large organizations.
4. Mass Recruitment system - adapted for mass recruitment.
Tailored recruitment system for placement companies and Ed Hunters:
5. Professional recruitment system - adapted for placement companies and Head Hunting.
Of course, the recruitment system automatically files and analyzes all resumes received in the system. Also performs duplicate detection automatically.
Word and TEXT PDF files are analyzed.
Leads can also be managed.
The system is a shelf product.
However, admin users are granted permission to make changes ranging from matching fields in the system, editing lists, and job association statuses.
Hunter EDGE recruitment system is the only system in Israel that meets the strictest and strictest security standards. In addition, Niloosoft complies with the GDPR and Israel's information security and privacy standards. In addition, the system undergoes intrusion and information security tests every 18 months according to the law.
Yes! The system is made up of WEB-servis, each function in the system has an API, so external interfaces can be integrated.
The system is enabled for integration with other systems in the Rest API.
We have extensive experience in interfaceing with many of our customers from interface with SAP, Oracle systems, various sites and more!
The system cannot be purchased. The system service can be hired.
Meet the heart of the system - Candidate Hunter"!
Through the hunter you can perform a smart search of exact parameters such as experience, education, notes, geographic areas and more on the resume database!
The hunter has a semantic morphological dictionary that analyzes various biases and synonyms in Hebrew and English. That is, it is the tool that hunts for you the candidates who are most suitable for the requirements you have specified in the hunt."
Candidates can be contacted directly from the recruitment system by sending email, SMS and WhatsApp.
You totally heard right!
Communication through WhatsApp is an integral part of the innovative recruitment world and therefore, it is time to recognize - the first smart recruitment bot to custom-contact candidates, help you in early screening processes, create a good candidate experience and send updates on an ongoing basis.
Of course, the advanced WhatsApp recruitment bot interfaces directly into the Hunter EDGE advanced recruitment system! It is important to note that this is an additional cost feature.
The system supports 8 different languages: Hebrew, English, Polish, Chinese, Spanish, Georgian, Russian, German.
Hunter EDGE currently has over 500 active customers!
You are invited to view the "Our Customers" page and be impressed by our diverse and beloved 🙂
No hardware installation required! The recruitment system works in cloud technology.
In other words, the system is internet and you can connect to it from anywhere in the world.
Sure! Nilosooft's development team continues to make improvements and make new version updates and advanced technologies once a month! Of course, the innovations are updated to our customers automatically and free of charge.
Our belief is that the recruitment world continues to advance, and our responsibility is to give our customers the latest and newest features.
No, the system is used via a monthly supscription/payment.
If you wish to terminate the contract, notify us 30 days in advance and sign a system closure document.