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About Niloosoft

Niloosoft: A leading provider of an advanced system for managing the hiring process and human resources.

Niloosoft provides its clients with solutions in the field of human resources management, recruitment process management and customer relationship management (CRM). Our solutions are suitable for human resources departments in companies that recruit personnel for themselves and manage recruitment processes with managers in the organization through a single platform.

In addition, there are solutions for human resources managers in companies that specialize in locating and recruiting employees for their clients. These solutions enable our clients to automatically handle the entire stream of job applicants, managing recruitment procedures and managing customer relationships through a customer relationship management (CRM) system tailored to the special needs of manpower companies and placement companies.

Automation of recruitment and placement processes that result in a marked improvement in the efficiency of the organization and better utilization of human resources the organization is the guideline in the development of our products!

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The world's leading recruitment and management of human resource in the digital world

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At Niloosoft, we believe that the recruitment world is a dynamic world that is constantly evolving. Therefore, we continue to develop for all our customers the most advanced technologies and features in the recruitment world



Launching new features: Mini Site landing pages dedicated to jobs, an app for recruiting managers, Uploading the BI reporting platform.


Publishing a version of an advanced and new recruitment system Hunter EDGE and the production of the first "Nilooseminar"!


Niloosoft in cooperation with business partners launches the employment service's website and the placement of the unemployed."


Launch of the Hunter EDGE Mass Recruitment version designed for mass raising for Israel's leading telecommunications companies!


Niloosoft has launched the direct interface to the placement companies! An interface that allows placement companies to communicate directly with recruiting organizations.


The Hunter HRMS recruitment system has risen Air in English and Chinese.


Hunter Portal's recruitment system has undergone rigorous information security checks by international high-tech companies and approval for use within organizations with the highest level of information security.


To be countinued...


Expansion into Europe and establishment of a branch in Poland! As part of the adjustments to the European branch of Niloosoft Receives GDPR support approval.


Developing the first sourcing mechanism in networks on the world's most advanced socials platforms


Niloosoft began providing services to financial institutions and banks and received the appropriate security clearances.


Niloosoft has passed the most stringent data security tests in favor of defense industries in Israel.


Hunter HRMS recruitment system went live in Hebrew! Adaptation to the Israeli market.


Beyond the servers and redesigning the recruitment system! It was decided to develop a new SAAS recruitment system And online- Hunter HRMS!


Establishing the Hunter Portal recruitment system and creating the first textual resume filing mechanism in the State of Israel!
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