Hunter Referral- “Friend brings friend” Interface

Hunter Referral

"Friend brings friend" Interface

We all know the safe and cost-effective method – a friend brings a friend.
The expensive and long-lasting recruitment through placement companies and job sites has been spared when your employees bring friends to work for you!

Newlosoft places an emphasis on quality candidates, so we have developed all the means to “hunt” them down!
Because as managers we want the highest quality employees, through the “friend brings a friend” interface we can locate them.
It was found that recruits who come through the “friend brings a friend” interface with social proximity and seamlessly enter the social hierarchy in society (formulation and atmosphere), are more easily savvy, stay the longest and have a duty of proof.
It can be inferred that recruitment through the “Friend Brings a Friend” interface is found to be a faster, thrhrative, qualitative and more liberal recruitment.

After extensive experience with large and small companies, Niloosoft has developed the Hunter Referral page for you which is a “Friend Brings a Friend” interface!

Niloosoft Hunter Referral is:

  • Completely responsive (optimized for mobile and any device)!
  • Designed and branded according to the requirements of the employer.
  • Urges employees to enter the details of their fellow candidates.
  • Directly into the Niloosoft Hunter EDGE recruitment system.
  • Automatically track and update the recruitment process – the update is sent to both the recruited employee and the applicant!

How does it work?

We open a Hunter Referral webpage for you!
The page is designed in the spirit of the company and calls on employees to write down the details of their fellow candidates!
You can add additional details such as matching the candidate to a specific job, a project in the company, and more.
Once your employees have registered their fellow candidates, the candidates are automatically entered into the Niloosoft Hunter EDGE system and the recruitment process begins!
The employee who recruited is just as important as the candidate – he deserves to know about his friend’s recruitment process.
Therefore, the employee who uploaded his friend to the recruitment system through the Hunter Referral page will be indicated as a recommender.
As a result, both the candidate and the employee will receive partner updates from the Niloosoft Hunter EDGE recruitment system about the candidate’s progress at every stage of the mobile/email recruitment process!
Which saves questions and uncertainty, makes the employee viral into the system and at the same time wants to recruit more employees!

A little something from us!

We recommend improving recruiting employees and specifying this on the Hunter Referral page as a means of encouraging employees to recruit!
In addition, according to niloosoft Hunter EDGE recruitment system reports, which employee recruited the most, how many employees were recruited through the interface and any data you want, in an automated and accessible way.

Hunter Referral has proven to impeccably raise recruitment rates and make it more quality and faster!

Examples of friend sites bringing a friend:

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