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גיוס עובדים מרכז הבניה

The Israel Construction Center works with Niloosoft Hunter EDGE recruitment system!

“I’m Shelly Sharon Tanenbaum, manager of the executive placement center at the Israel Construction Center. Today we provide services to most companies in the world of construction and real estate to find talent for key positions and decision-makers in the companies. Our specialization is in the positions of CEOs, VPs, and engineers.

The Israeli Construction Center is the home of the real estate and construction industry, providing the full range of services and knowledge in the field. The Construction Center began operations in 1969 as a government company. It developed over three decades and today is privately owned by Eran Rolls.

The Construction Center is located in the Netanya stadium, with over 2,400 square meters of innovation and knowledge. Throughout the year, the center holds professional exhibitions and conferences on construction, design, and housing issues, mainly “Nadlan in the City” in Eilat – the largest real estate conference in Israel. The best professionals and influencers in the real estate and construction industry participate.

Professionally, I am an organizational consultant, and for over a decade I was a mentor to managers and specialized in personality tests. I believe in support, accompaniment and management by means of various developments and processes in a person that affect the company / organization and vice versa. I came to the Israel Construction Center after I was in a particularly challenging position at the ‘Maof’ company and managed the staffing system, protocols of the second elections in Israel from the Knesset, and nationwide trainings.

Let’s talk about recruitment and human resources!

By virtue of my current position as an organizational consultant, I have learned that executive positions in a company are a major factor in its organizational culture. Accordingly, when it is necessary to locate a candidate for an executive position for a company, beyond the professional aspect required by the position, one must consider the organizational culture in that company. This is so that the chosen candidate can blend into the company and quickly fulfill the professional potential for which he was chosen. The candidate acclimatizes appropriately, because part of the selection process relates to his personality.

Following this, I developed a method that helps to make the exact match between the candidate and the company: a diagnostic interview – the candidate’s DNA versus the company’s DNA.

When matching the job requirements, which include professional experience + the candidate’s personality, to the needs of the company or organization, I can testify that I am sensitive and understand the culture and management dynamics of companies, and I can identify the nature of the company and its aspirations.

Here we meet with the Hunter EDGE recruitment system which provides the answer to my main and most important need – locating and filtering candidates! As soon as I receive a resume in the system, I activate the ‘candidate hunter’ (a tool for locating and filtering candidates through a search based on keywords) and that’s how I find the candidates most relevant to the job requirements.”

How did you conduct yourself before the Hunter EDGE recruitment system?

“Prior to the connection with Niloosoft, we did no placement at all. The senior placement center at the Israel Construction Center is a completely new service!

Long before us, many personnel companies recruited for senior companies in the construction industry. Despite this, the Construction Center steered many recommendations to businesses about executive employees in the field and at a certain point we realized that our recommendations are good, highly sought after and can be turned into placement services! Behind every recommendation that comes from the ‘Israel Construction Center’ hothouse is a professional and personal relationship with experts and senior people in the field.

On top of that, during Covid we noticed that companies were diverting resources to internal organizational optimization and development needs. As a result, needs have changed and along with them, jobs have changed. The new way of thinking and approach in the field led to the launch of new areas, needs and platforms for which jobs were created. We identified a need that is still valid: all executive positions in the industry must undergo reorganization in order to respond to the development in the field. How is this done? In a different and more precise way than before. Thus, the ‘Center for the Placement of Executives’ was born from the Israel Construction Center, and also the need for a very precise and flexible recruitment system to find senior executives with many specializations.”

Why did you choose Niloosoft and the Hunter EDGE recruitment system?

“I had no doubt when I chose Niloosoft! From the searches and market survey I conducted, Niloosoft appeared to be the most suitable and cost-effective system in all respects. We chose the ‘Hunter EDGE’ staffing software because it seemed to me the clearest, cleanest, simplest and most accurate for our needs.

I experimented with other recruitment systems, but they were less convenient than the Hunter EDGE recruitment system. When I say convenient, I mean in everything. Flexible work with the data arranged, working with all the factors in the recruitment process, a recruitment system with an answer to every stage of the process, intuitive, automatic and more…

The need for professional data accuracy and being able to add fields and subsections to the candidate’s cards from the first stage of locating the candidates is excellent! There is flexibility in adapting the recruitment system to the organization and I can testify that in other recruitment systems, this critical adjustment is missing and they are inconvenient.

I liked that everything I brought up always had an answer. There is no such thing as “impossible” or “cannot be done” in Niloosoft, it is amazing in terms of service and technical support.

 How was the sales process?

“The sales process was conducted with Sapir – manager of the marketing & sales department, and she was professional, pleasant and friendly. I felt service and kindness at the same time, her pleasantness and caring truly reflected Niloosoft’s relations with customers.

During the sales process, Sapir showed me the system and I liked it very much. As I said, it’s very flexible, intuitive and suitable for our needs.”

How was the process of implementing the system?

“We started by converting the resumes we had in the databases. After that, the implementation process was conducted through one-on-one meetings with Avichai – our client case manager in Niloosoft’s service team, via Zoom. Avichai gave the training about the system and together with him I adapted the recruitment system to my needs. Avichai’s service and professionalism greatly facilitated the process of implementing the system.

In order to accurately locate candidates in accordance with the employer’s organizational requirements (candidate DNA versus company DNA), Avichai developed for me, in addition to the ‘candidate hunter’ function in the system, flexible filter fields customized to our needs. In addition, I can generate reports from the system characterized by these fields.

The additional filter fields are important to me because the candidate matching procedure is precise and often requires several types of specialties and specific data. The fields give us the opportunity to refine the various requirements in the jobs we recruit for.

They filter the resume according to what was entered in the fields and then a resume with important details appears. For example, you can find resumes that include complex and special projects managed by the candidates, positions and professions, years of experience, main specialization, subspecialties and other important details for the field of construction and real estate.

I am very satisfied with the service, at Niloosoft everything is possible. The team provides a professional response in addition to the fact that Niloosoft continues to develop, and this is essential for the dynamic field of human resources.”

Which tools in the recruiting system serve you best?

Preliminary screening using the candidate hunter – an essential and versatile tool for hunting and locating candidates which I use on a daily basis. It maximizes recruitment, because when running it on a database of candidates (resumes) it filters for me the candidates most relevant to the requirements.

How does the hunter work? By means of artificial intelligence it performs a search using a semantic morphological dictionary. To simplify things, I can write “master’s degree” or a word related to a profession such as “bookkeeping” and the hunter will find all the resumes in which the words and the various variations of these terms appear. It is very flexible in its search.

Advertising – Niloosoft provides tools and products that provide an answer to every step of the recruitment process. What I use here is free, automatic and direct advertising from the system to All Jobs,, and soon also to Jobnet, when it is known that regular subscribers to such sites pay money. I write the advertising content from the Hunter EDGE recruitment system and post it with the click of a button.

In addition, there is the mini site, a link that the recruitment system generates automatically for each job I open. It can be posted on any recruitment source, and when the post reaches the candidates they click on the link and a designed page opens with the job description and an option to submit a quick application. This gives the candidates a pleasant, aesthetic and comfortable recruitment experience.

Communication with different factors – Of course, many people come to me due to connections and recommendation from a friend. But, in terms of keeping in touch with all the factors of the process, the system knows how to do it well. With one click, I can send a number of resumes to the managers and they can respond to me. In addition, I can send an email or a message via WhatsApp or a negative/positive message from the recruitment system regarding a position, in a designed and branded template, directly to one candidate or to a number of candidates.

The frequency of using the system is daily and the recruitments are successful!”

Anything else you would like to say?

“I think that Niloosoft has a team that really likes its work. Professionals and the service is noticeable!

Niloosoft’s team knows how to relate to the personal work methods of the organization in order to adapt them to the Hunter EDGE recruitment system and vice versa.

They really live the industry needs, well done.”

Shelly Sharon Tanenbaum
Manager of executive placement center
“The Israeli Construction Center”

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