Anat Hanna Eshet- NANO recruitment

Anat also chose Hunter EDGE!

Anat Hanna Eshet has also joined the extended Niloosoft family!

“I founded Nano Recruitment, a boutique business for head hunting, recruitment and placement.

I provide service to Medical Devices companies, Bio Tech, Nanotechnology companies for a variety of professional positions and senior management positions including C-level.

Matching is a matter of deep acquaintance and seeing the needs. I try to read the company and the candidates through the “heart” and feel and not only understand, and I think this is one of the things that enables me to accurately provide my clients with employees who do not only “come to work” but contribute to the company and advance it. The customers who work with me almost from the beginning of my journey in the field will testify to this. Some say I know what they need better than what they think they need!

My personal professional path was full of twists and turns, a lot of studies and above all a search for meaning. In fact, after almost 3 decades of gaining experience including 7 years as a coach and therapist, I came into the recruitment field and realized that my entire search was to help other people find their niche. I closed the circle.”

What was the business situation before connecting with Niloosoft?

“As an independent worker in the field of head hunting and recruitment, I initially used Excel reports, which was not bad.

But, when you have to make connections between email and LinkedIn searches and between resumes received from many different sources, I started to feel very split – split between screens.”

How did you come to the decision that a solution should be found that would improve the current situation?

“What made me turn to the system is the practical matter of comfort and order.

The system helps me a lot because I know I don’t miss candidates, who are all streamed to one place where I do advanced sorting and filtering.”

Which solutions were examined? Why did you choose the Hunter EDGE system?

“The sales meeting was great, Sapir is charming and already throughout the meeting I realized that most of the things I need in terms of a correct response to my recruitment are available in Niloosoft!”

How was the process of implementing the system in the company and how long did it take until you had full control over the system?

“The implementation process was not short or quick, but at the same time, it was comprehensive and personal.

Actually the process took about two months, I noticed that it takes me time to work with new technology systems. However, after getting used to it, I flow with them.

Still occasionally when I need a reminder about certain actions there is someone to ask and I get an immediate answer. It is worth noting that I realized that the recruitment software meets my needs as a recruitment software, that’s for sure!”

What has changed and improved (saving resources, efficiency, costs)?

“From my experience working with the recruitment system, I see that the resumes are not lost, the resumes stream into the system, creating a kind of “basket” for me from which I work easily.

The advanced filtering narrows and focuses the options for me and I can find suitable candidates. I like that the rejection/acceptance letters to the candidates are automatically prepared and sent at the time I schedule, with my template, my logo, the content I wanted to have and of course I have the option to edit and write more.

The fact that I can upload the jobs I’m working on and put them in front of my eyes makes me work better and more effectively while utilizing as much data as possible! Because everything that is received in the system is saved in the system.

Furthermore, the posting and interface to candidates is done instantly.”

Which features do you use frequently or are you satisfied with using? How do they improve the recruitment process?

“I use the landing pages for jobs a lot!

Most of the time I use them in my job postings. In fact, unlike how I worked before, the landing pages are created automatically in the system instead of me finding another way to prepare them myself, and they are designed and contain the data of the job and if I want to edit them, I edit them. There is no doubt that it is much more convenient!

Of course I don’t stop using the candidate hunter, all candidate submissions are concentrated in the system and I work with it on them all the time!

I think that indeed money is saved when I use the features of posting, the interfaces to the candidates, and the search with the help of the hunter. At the end of the day the costs for this are not expensive and are worthwhile.

I can conclude by saying that I was looking for concentration and I was looking for automation and for a very large part of what I was looking for, there is an answer in the Niloosoft Hunter EDGE system!”


Written following an interview with Anat Hanna Eshet

Owner and manager of a boutique agency for head hunting, recruiting and consulting

NANO- recruitment