Time Hunter – Presence system

Time Hunter

Time Hunter - Attendance system

Manage your month with a winning attendance and project management system!

Time Hunter is accessible to employees as an app/website as well as as a biometric signature.

What’s a biometric signature? Sign with fingerprint recognition, facials, proximity card and PIN of your choice!

It’s not just about recording hours, Time Hunter will give you efficiency and daily savings!
Time Hunter will manage complex work agreements and separate hourly calculation according to your organization’s needs in the most convenient, simple, and intelligent way!

Employees who log on to the primary system are exposed to the report signing button (logon/logon), then the latest attendance report list, task list, and time data statistics.

As managers, you can view and manage all attendance reports, see where each employee is reporting from, send projects and tasks to an employee, and export the data to the payroll system and reports.

It doesn’t matter if your office employee, at home, or even abroad, Time Hunter keeps it for him:

  • Presence reporting (start/finish) through a website/app/ biometric identification including location on a map.
  • Absence reporting and event
  • Update notes and reminders
  • View monthly report
  • Job reporting and project management

With Time Hunter, you’ll manage your attendance clock best:

  • Calculate overtime and trim hours according to shifts
  • Full fit for holidays and special days
  • Managing bonuses and travel
  • Update sick days/vacation/other exceptions
  • Create and manage projects and tasks for employees
  • Export data in Excel, Web, Pdf, Txt, Print
  • Create reports + smart reports that display the data according to the work agreements
  • Option to select Decimal/Hourly Show
  • Manage and close a month with a rich and advanced control panel!

Full integration into the payroll system!

  • Export data adapted to an existing system
  • Receiving hours and pay components
  • A whole range of payroll systems

It is important to note that the attendance clock system is tailored to the size and needs of your organization!
With the special integration into the payroll system, you will save unnecessary typing times and allow the system to manage the calculation of wages quickly and accurately for each employee!
In addition, you can connect in a variety of languages: Hebrew, German, English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish and more. Time Hunter is accessible to you from anywhere, anytime!

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