Adi Keinan- Allegronet

עדי מנהלת משאבי אנוש

Adi Keinan tells us why Allegronet chose Niloosoft!


“I’m Adi Keinan, Human Resources Manager at Allegronet since October 2021. I have a bachelor’s degree in human services and sociology-anthropology, a master’s degree in work-studies and I have about 15 years of experience in the field of recruitment and HR.

I started my path in HR at a placement company, after that I worked in the HR department at the Technion, I worked as the HR coordinator at the Osem Company for about 7 years and now I have advanced to the HR manager at Allegronet.

I’ll tell you a little about our company. Allegronet has been providing advanced integrative technological solutions and a variety of services over the years for about 15 years. The company offers a wide range of solutions and services for the benefit of improving customer performance alongside a unique customer experience for 400 customers.

The company’s vision is to strive to be the preferred choice of customers in Israel as a technology partner that provides advanced integrative solutions, a variety of services over many years, and a unique customer experience. The company provides its customers with Service Desk services through a team of experts 24/7 and works under strict standards that include 4 ISO standards.”

How were recruitments conducted before the recruitment system?

“I’ll give you a little background: before I started my job at Allegronet, we didn’t have a function that dealt specifically with human resource management. Of course, quite a lot of recruitment, employee training and human resource maintenance took place, but the recruitment was carried out by different people who were not necessarily from the field or gave their full attention to the matter. As we grew and the scope of activity expanded – so did the job standards!

As a result, they realized that the function of recruitment and human resources management is significant and of great value to the company’s growth, and I was recruited and entered the position of ‘Human Resources Manager’!

Recruiting is done with us through job postings in universities, LinkedIn, Drushim, Job Master and other networks. I recruit for the company itself and for outsourcing. The amount of jobs I recruit for varies from month to month according to the job standards that are opened.

In the beginning, before we upgraded to a recruitment system, the recruitments were basically conducted using emails and Excel. I assigned the resumes to folders in email, where each folder was for a different job, and in Excel I recorded the details of the candidates and all the communication I had with them (recruitment sources, interviews, my opinion and that of other parties).”

What brought you to the decision to find a solution that would improve the situation?

“The challenge was to maintain regular updates in Excel regarding the candidates. Therefore, I sometimes lacked up-to-date data regarding the relevance of candidates. The up-to-date tracking of the candidates was not sufficiently organized and arranged to be worked with quickly and sharply.

Amongst the goals that were given to me when I started my position at Allegronet was to create a database of potential candidates. It is impossible to create a database without a recruitment system. Neither email nor Excel allows you to make cross-sections and work accurately with a database like Niloosoft’s recruitment system knows how to do. For example, to search and associate ‘old’ candidates with new jobs.

In addition, we were looking for a recruitment system that knows how to make the data accessible in the way we want.”

What solutions were tested? Why did you choose the Hunter EDGE system?

“An external consultant we work with recommended Niloosoft’s Hunter EDGE recruitment system.

“I contacted you through the website and Stav (from the sales department) gave me the sales call along with a visualization of the system. We went over its functions and I saw how the system works, I was very impressed. Stav was available and pleasant, he was able to demonstrate to me what I was going to receive.

Furthermore, I went to read testimonials on Niloosoft’s website, and I saw large and small companies of all kinds explaining how Hunter EDGE gives them the answer they need, and then I decided to go for it!”

How did the process of implementing the system in the company go?

“First, there was excellent data conversion that Niloosoft provides for free. Then, I learned through recorded trainings and face-to-face trainings on Zoom. And finally, I started the implementation process with Rotem (customer case manager).

Throughout the whole process Rotem was helpful, available and despite the challenging period of the isolations and Covid, she always helped, gave humane, efficient services and any changes I asked for to adapt the system to us were made. She was wonderful.

I understand that in order to take advantage of all the functions of the system (and there are quite a few) to the point where I can produce the ideal results, you just have to practice and practice. Now, I have moved to the ongoing support department and even though I finished the implementation process and I have control of the system, Rotem will always be my contact person.

This system is significantly different from a system worked with in the past. Here, there is flexibility and a variety of work methods that are easy to learn. Therefore, when everything has a quick and broad response, I find that the system works for me.”

Following the work through the Hunter EDGE recruitment system – what has changed and improved?

“All activities and stages of the entire recruitment process have improved – it is now conducted in a much more professional and technological manner.

I build a database of candidates and make precise cross-sections on it, everything is organized and controlled and my email is back to being a personal email without resumes.

When I recruit even for outsourcing, I see that it is much more professional and easy to send the candidates’ resumes through a recruitment system.

For the candidates too, there is a better recruitment experience. To begin with, they are exposed in the advertisement to a link that is a branded landing page for quick submission of an application. After that, the process continues and I can contact the candidates at the click of a button via WhatsApp, email, etc.

In terms of advertising, I advertise from the system directly to All Jobs and I use landing pages that are created for each new job opening.”

Anything else you would like to say about Niloosoft?
“Today and yesterday, when I tried to contact support for the first time I discovered that the service is fast! Service is above all.
The system itself is very friendly and easy to use, it helped me make the recruitment processes much more organized.
It gives a variety of solutions and is flexible. It’s great because that way I can learn and find the most suitable and effective methods to work for my needs.”


Adi Keinan
Human Resources Manager
Allegronet Company

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