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Hunter Career

Career sites and jobs

Career and job sites are very common in the recruitment world – today a company that has a career and job website achieves candidates very quickly and easily!
The site bypasses the bringing of candidates that is done expensively and sustained through external recruitment sources and allows you to recruit from your online home!
In addition, career sites are characterized by something that is so important in your eyes as managers, marketing and branding the employer!

Nioolsoft has gained a lot of experience in projects with companies large and small, building job sites for placement companies and building career sites for organizations. We’ve seen what attracts applicants to apply with you!

After many projects, Niloosoft has developed Hunter Career, which is an effective solution for bringing candidates into your business quickly!

  • Presents the careers and jobs you offer and allows you to apply for the applicant.
  • Designed in a marketing way and branding the employer.
  • Directly into the Hunter EDGE recruitment system (raising/editing jobs at the touch of a button).

Hunter Career is the showcase of the business! For this reason, there is an emphasis on marketing and branding the employer.
Therefore, the site is designed in a way that arouses interest from surfers and causes them to act in favor of applying to you.
Our sites are adapted to the requirements of all companies and contain the most advanced technologies– sharing jobs on social networks and connecting directly to the Niloosoft Hunter EDGE recruitment system that enables you to upload/download/edit jobs at the touch of a button!

Hunter Career- home to your online recruitment!

Examples of Hunter Career sites for organizations, placement companies, and personnel:

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