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גיוסים רבים סלקום

Cellcom has upgraded its recruitment through Niloosoft's automatic Hunter Bot!

Many recruiters manage the initial screening process of candidates with the help of manual correspondence and phone calls that require time, attention and additional personnel resources.

Have you thought about speeding up the recruitment process with an automated bot that will do the work for you?

We decided to optimize the initial filtering processes and save a lot of time, using innovative technology from Niloosoft!

Meet the revolutionary product Hunter BOT!

Niloosoft’s WhatsApp bot which automatically addresses candidates upon receipt of resumes to the Hunter EDGE recruitment system! The bot asks the screening questions you set for it, provides an automatic response, and enters all the candidates’ answers in the recruitment system!

Meaning, instead of framing the questions every time you contact a candidate, waiting for answers and carrying out job matching procedures, Hunter BOT will do it for you in an automatic and intelligent way. Of course, the candidate’s experience is just as important! Through the Hunter BOT the candidate receives a technological and innovative recruiting experience! This is how you create technological employer branding and the candidates benefit from it!

Many customers of Niloosoft are already working with the Hunter BOT!

“Cellcom”, one of our biggest, oldest and favorite customers, already uses Hunter BOT and shares with us their experience and how it saves them a lot of time and manpower!

 Get to know “Cellcom” company: 

Cellcom has been conducting mass recruitments using the Hunter EDGE recruitment system for over 6 years!

Cellcom is the largest cellular provider in Israel, offering its cellular subscribers a wide range of services, including cellular telephony, roaming services, text and multimedia messaging, advanced data services, and other value-added services in the fields of cellular office, data protection, and more, based on Cellcom’s advanced technological infrastructure. 

As of 2022, Cellcom employs hundreds of employees, with approximately 2,779 employees. Additionally, Cellcom provides customer service nationwide through dozens of branches, including telephone customer service, retail stores, and service and sales centers. Furthermore, Cellcom offers television services over the internet (OTT), internet infrastructure services, connectivity, international calling services, and fixed-line phone services in Israel. Cellcom stocks are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. 

Nirit, project manager in the recruitment department at Cellcom, shares with us about the Hunter EDGE recruitment system:

“The characterizations made for adapting the mass recruitment system to Cellcom’s needs are accurate. The client manager who works with us on behalf of Niloosoft is very professional and dedicated, Niloosoft has become our business partner and thanks to the Hunter EDGE recruitment system, there is no doubt that we are reaching our goals!”

In recent months, Cellcom started using Hunter BOT as well!

Nirit and the charming recruitment team share with us about the Hunter BOT in a short interview:

  • How was the Hunter BOT implementation process?

“The implementation process was very successful! The process took place in cooperation with all the parties in a smooth way. First, after we got to know how the WhatsApp bot works, Niloosoft’s project manager Oz, performed a full characterization of the bot with me. During the characterization, we determined how the bot would contact our candidates, the questions the bot would ask, their order and the bot’s answers, according to the needs of Cellcom’s recruitment department.

We received close support and an immediate, dedicated and professional response from the project manager and Niloosoft’s implementation team throughout the implementation process. Of course, even after the launch, Oz is in constant contact with us and takes care of the product’s implementation and full technical support for service to me and the recruiters.”

  • Does the use of the WhatsApp bot shorten the time of the recruitment processes?

“The WhatsApp bot performs the initial screening for us using customized screening questions addressed to the candidates. Thanks to this automatic operation, we get the desired result – lots of relevant candidates, who are interested in the job! That is, we save false inquiries to candidates since we know that at this point we will call only relevant candidates and not those who do not meet the job requirements or are not interested, etc.

We can perform precise and effective actions with the candidates! In this way we contact the most relevant candidates and thus produce more successes in less time! In addition, time is saved and used for other activities in the recruitment process! In particular, time is freed up for screening and processing resumes that arrive in the Hunter EDGE recruitment system, this is exactly what we needed for many successful recruitments!”

  • Is the use of the Hunter BOT a substitute for the initial phone calls to the candidates? Are the candidates’ answers on a high enough level to continue with the candidate?

“The use of the WhatsApp bot significantly shortens the length of the conversation by providing us with all the answers to the first screening questions. Of course, there is no substitute for a human response, but the bot definitely optimizes the recruitment processes!”

  • Is the bot used to ask screening questions?

“Yes! The screening questions are the main function we use in the bot, it is what helps us determine whether or not the candidate is relevant to the job requirements. Therefore, it saves us false conversations with candidates who are not interested in the job or do not meet the threshold conditions.”

  • Do you see an improvement in the candidate experience?

“I think that every use of a digital product and technology serves both us as a company and the client (the candidates in our case). The Hunter BOT is an innovative product, provides a quick response, is available to candidates at all hours of the day and maximizes the recruitment potential. Candidates answer the questions whenever they are available, that way we don’t miss candidates and the candidates experience fast and technological recruitment along with human response.”

  • Is there an improvement in the recruitment process experience for the recruiters?

“Obviously! As soon as the initial part of the conversation script and the initial screening questionnaire is carried out by the bot, it directs the interviewer to focus more on a deeper interview and the candidate’s suitability for the position and less to deal with the fixed rigid conditions such as a full-time or part-time position etc.”

  • What improvement or change has the Hunter BOT brought about?

“To sum up what we have said so far, Niloosoft’s WhatsApp bot is an innovative product that is sent to our candidates as soon as they apply for a position in the Hunter EDGE recruitment system. The automated WhatsApp bot provides a quick response to our candidates, is available at all hours, improves the recruitment process, hones our inquiries to candidates and the role of the interviewers becomes more efficient and deeper and the recruitment experience

Nirit Toledano
Project manager in the recruitment department