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Hunter EDGE Professional Version


A unique online recruitment system suitable for medium-sized organizations

Do you manage a lot of recruitment for different types of jobs?
Looking for a system for locating, searching and managing candidates that will allow you to meet recruitment requirements?

Hunter EDGE Professional – The system that will make it easier for you to find, search, manage, and track recruitment in accordance with medium-sized organizations.

Hunter EDGE’s recruitment system enables ongoing management of all stages of recruitment – from advertising the position through receiving a CV/candidate to staffing the position!


Adapting to many recruitments


Manpower savings, time and costs


Adapting to medium-sized organizations


The Professional version is a unique and perfect solution for mid-sized organizations!

Hunter EDGE is the most advanced recruitment system available today!

It is designed to streamline recruitment procedures customized to the needs of your organization.
The system works on cloud technology and allows recruitment coordinators to connect to it from anywhere, anytime.

A professional version is tailored for medium-sized organizations that recruit in varying quantities.

if you want to create a large pool of candidates on which you can search, locate, reach, contact and recruit candidates in a flash before all the competitors, Hunter EDGE professional Recruitment Version is the most suitable system for you.
All the information about candidates you’ve ever had or will have is stored and accessible accessible through the system’s candidate hunter.”


Let us find the candidates for you!

We have developed for you an amazing candidate hunter, TAS* that enables the search and detection of candidates in accordance with the job requirements and relevant candidates.

The resume sent to you is automatically decrypted, and then the hunter presents you with the most suitable candidates.
The hunter is used in artificial intelligence (AI) and is:

  • Analyzes the C.I.A. textually and allows for an accurate search!
  • Decrypts your existing databases on applicants and automatically makes adjustments to jobs.
  • Don’t you have your own reservoirs? No problem! It can analyze databases on social networks and the Internet such as Stuck, LinkdIn, Over Flow, and import the information directly into the system.
  • The hunter knows how to search for you automatically when you are not working with him, thus saving significantly valuable work time.

*TAS -Talent Acquisition System
AI – Artificial intelligenc


Work with the pool of candidates

In any organization it is important to have an available pool of candidates with whom you can work!

Hunter EDGE recruitment system that monitors and recruits employees, creates order, regular updates, a positive recruitment experience for candidates, strong candidate relationships, good, fast, easy and accurate control over recruitment procedures, on the part of the recruitment department!
The system saves for you all the candidates you have ever had in your systems and creates a pool of candidates that you can work with with the most comfort! 

Using the database you can:

  • Activate automatic candidate hunting and find the most suitable candidates quickly.
  • View all the appropriate candidates with the data you’re looking for highlighted.
  • Contact the candidates directly at the touch of a button.
  • See where the candidates are in the recruitment process and read all their interview summaries.
  • Associate job applicants and transfer them to the recruiters in the organization at the touch of a button!

In doing so, you can revive your relationship with the candidates and at the same time, conduct proper monitoring of the recruitment process.


Interested in communicating with your candidates?

Hunter EDGE is also a candidate relation management system.
Hereby, it allows you to manage the entire sequence of communications with the candidate throughout and after the recruitment process!

  • Ways to contact candidates via SMS, email, and WhatsApp.
  • Scheduled communications can be coordinated with a fully automated bot.
  • Sending negative letters to the various candidates.
  • Subpoena for an interview through the candidate’s system and the recruitment coordinator with an interface to your computer log.
  • An option to send mailings in circulation to the various candidates.

Manage communications with candidate automatically

Hunter BOT helps you communicate quickly with the candidate and knows how to do the following:

  • Automatically respond to any application of a job candidate.
  • Ask initial screening questions based on the type of job the candidate applied for and make a decision on whether to continue the process.
  • Complete necessary personal information.
  • Arrange an interview/exam session.
  • Update the candidate on his progress on the recruitment process. To survey the recruitment process.

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Job Advertising and Sourcing

  • Creating landing pages for jobs and posting them on social networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp and more.
  • Posting jobs to various websites at the touch of a button, including AllJobs, Talinkme and more.
  • Convenient and special work interface with placement companies.
  • A smart sourcing platform on social networks, including LinkedIn, Stack Over Flow, GitHub, Google and more.
  • In fact, you can regularly track your recruitment sources, examine them, and through the system see which recruitment source is best for you and produces the most candidates/leads.

Keep track with the right metrics

The recruitment system monitors the recruitment process, from the beginning of the recruitment process to the end.
Niloosoft Hunter EDGE creates smart and varied reports for you with an advanced report generatorto help you effectively track all recruitment metrics.
All reports can be exported to Excel, XML, and can be printed at the touch of a button.


Home for your online recruitment

Niloosoft has developed Hunter Career, a career and jobs website that is an effective solution for bringing candidates quickly!
The site:

  • Presents the careers and jobs you offer and allows you to apply for the applicant.
  • Designed in a marketing way and branding the employer.
  • Directly into the Hunter EDGE recruitment system (raising/editing jobs at the touch of a button).

Hunter Career is the showcase for your business! For this reason, there is an emphasis on marketing and branding the employer. Therefore, the site will arouse interest from the users and make them act in favor of applying to you.

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Get leads quickly

The campaign management system enables the creation of job landing pages to achieve leads in a flash, without submitting a resume (optional)!

Hunter Campaigns Manager landing pages allow:

  • One-click publication of the landing page.
  • Accessibility to candidates with one click.
  • Upload jobs and work on the page from the Hunter EDGE recruitment system at the touch of a button.
  • Monitoring the source of the applicant’s arrival.

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Promote recruitment on Facebook

Niloosoft has developed Hunter FaceSite, a designed job site that will increase your leads!

Hunter FaceSite is characterized by the following:

  • Built into your company’s Facebook business page, attracting many candidates.
  • Exposes all your open positions for the candidates and of course has a button for applying!
  • Maintains the job search option by occupation or by search words.
  • has a designated area to promote your hot jobs.
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Your comfort is important to us!

All work with our related products such as landing pages, automated tying bot, career and job sites, “Friend brings friend” page and other promotional products are created along with a thought in advance of the best user experience.

The completing products are:

  • Completely responsive (tailored to mobile and any device).
  • Brands the employer and is designed according to your requirements.
  • Take users’ needs into account, thereby contributing to the candidate’s experience.
  • Allow you to apply at the touch of a button. have a direct interface with the Hunter EDGE system.
    What have you gained here? All data from the completing products is immediately transferred to the system and its repository! You can see them, work with them and present them in the advanced report generator! In addition, you can edit/post jobs to your website/page at the touch of a button!

Global Connection

Hunter EDGE recruiting system knows how to work in several languages such as English, Hebrew, German, Polish, Spanish and more.
The system identifies your geographic location and adjusts the user according to the country: language, time, date and there is no need to change anything accordingly.



It is important to note that the “Hunter EDGE” recruitment system meets all the strictest information security standards.
In addition, the system also supports the European security standard GDPR and ISO27001, there is an option for a dual identification mechanism – 2FA*.

The information is stored in an encrypted and secure manner, which is carefully examined by various information security experts who unanimously approved it.
Niloosoft Hunter EDGE is the safest system to use!
Niloosoft boasts a wide clientele from many fields such as banking, finance, insurance, security and many others, which require information security at the strictest standard!

*Two Factor Authentication two-factor identification


External interfacing

The system is a WEB system – built from micro-services.
Niloosoft Hunter EDGE unveils an API that lets you connect all your business applications to your recruitment system. This capability enables smoother, faster and more efficient work among all factors related to the recruitment process.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a security company, a financial institution, a high-tech company, a manpower company, or any other company. Whether you’re permanently connected to the Internet or using multiple networks to protect your data- Hunter EDGE knows how to connect to you!
Niloosoft has carried out hundreds of projects in this field and helped its customers achieve their goals through external interface.

Job Hunting

A technological candidate hunter with a semantic morphological dictionary. With precise cuts designed to help you find relevant candidates from your resume database.

Sourcing on social networks

Includes pulling the candidate's profilely automatic into the recruitment system.

Report generator

A flexible and advanced report generator that reflects the recruitment funnel, information on recruitment sources and productivity of recruitment processes.

Information Security

Information security at the strictest security standards in Israel. also compliance with the European GDPR.

Direct interface to placement companies

They can advertise jobs for placement and manpower companies at the click of a button! Of course, there will be an immediate indication of the status of the candidate with the client.


Task management is convenient, simple and automated.
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