Inge Pinchuk – Egged Transportation

I Chose Hunter Edge!


“Hi! My name is Inge Pinchuk and I’m recruitment coordinator at Egged Transportation.

My journey in the field of recruitment began with working at Isrotel as a human resources manager for about 5 years. I have always been interested in recruiting employees and I started working as a recruiter at the Jomba Company, where I discovered how much I love recruitment and how much this field is not boring at all! Later, through the connections I made in Jomba, I came to Egged Transportation.

The Egged Group has been working with Niloosoft for many years and is the largest public transportation company in Israel, and one of the largest in the world. The company, officially founded in 1933, employs approximately 9,000 employees in Israel and around the world, with an estimated annual revenue of around 4 billion shekels. Egged has significantly expanded its operations in recent years, both in the field of public transportation and in various other sectors.

These days The subsidiary company “Egged Transportation” recruit about 40 drivers a month for five branches nationwide.

I like challenges, and my challenge at Egged Transportation is filling the job openings for driver jobs. It involves blue-collar recruitment – recruiting manual workers who are usually paid low wages.

The truth is that I have always recruited through the Hunter EDGE recruitment system, both in Egged Transportation and in Jomba. After you recruit through Niloosoft, you cannot compromise on another recruitment system or another company!

Hunter EDGE is a very advanced recruitment system in terms of its capabilities, it is convenient and flexible, simple and easy to work with.

In software companies, there can sometimes be malfunctions or lack of service response, we experience this even with the largest companies in the world.

Instead, I am happy to share that I have been working with Niloosoft for several years and they really care about the customers and the products they develop. When I experienced a difficulty or even a malfunction there was always a response and I felt as a customer that I was always put first.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention Moshe – manager of customer files in the implementation and support department, who accompanied me all the way. He always gave and still gives a useable, professional and fast response to all my questions and requests.

The system provides a variety of tools for monitoring and managing recruitment procedures. I post through the system, filter and find suitable candidates through the “candidate hunter” and definitely maintain communication with all parties in the process. I feel that the system enables me to recruit at the level I recruit today.

For me, Hunter EGDE is the recruiting system!”


Inge Pinchuk
Recruitment and placement coordinator

Egged Transportation

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