Idan Peled

By: Matan Traister, Customer Manager at Niloosoft

Written based on an interview with Idan Peled, Human Resources Manager, Yoel Geva.

In 1991, Yoel Geva, a teacher and author of mathematics textbooks, decided to establish a revolutionary school in which learning would be based on the love of the profession.

Dedication to the student and that the teachers at the school will only be the best – those who have proven themselves for years. This is how Yoel Geva’s school was established.

In 1997, the school began teaching SATs preparation courses and the school quickly made a huge difference in this field.

Within a few years, Yoel Geva’s psychometric preparation course became Israel’s leading course.

This was mainly because Yoel Geva decided that he was not willing to compromise on the quality of the teachers, and therefore searched for and found only the teachers who were sure to help him revolutionize the quality of the SATs preparation courses.

In recent years, the demand from past students of the school to implement Yoel Geva’s unique teaching methods has increased in the field of spoken English.

Thus in 2017, after years of studying English for the SATs, it was decided to use the vast and unique knowledge accumulated in the school in this field in favor of learning spoken English.

Thus, the school meets the goal – to meet the great need to speak fluent English in order to improve status at work, academic studies and in life in general.

Today, Yoel Geva has 22 branches throughout the country and more than 400 employees, most of them former students at the school.

How was the recruitment process conducted prior to your engagement with Niloosoft?

“In principle, the recruitment process was conducted through pages of resumes filed with binders, excels and a previous unused recruitment system, we had no control over the recruitment process at all.

The process was conducted mainly via excel sheets and reports and resumes kept in binders.”

How did you come to the decision that you need to find a solution that will improve the current situation?

“We had reached a decision that we need to move towards a more professional, advanced, innovative system in terms of all recruitment processes. Therefore, we decided to look at using a new and more advanced recruitment system that gives more

functions such as being in touch with the applicant through one system that includes sending WhatsApp, emails and posts.”

What solutions have been tested? And why did you choose Hunter EDGE?

“We looked at a number of recruitment systems and finally decided to choose the Hunter EDGE recruitment system, by Niloosoft.

This is because Meital was in touch with me and was lovely and very serviceable.

Meital came to us for a meeting with Sapir and they were very professional.

We decided to move forward with your recruitment system thanks to the functions the system is equipped with and its capabilities.

In terms of visibility your system attracted the eye more than the other systems. In addition to visibility the system is very friendly and convenient to the user. We have received very good reviews from recruiters we know in recruitment forums on Facebook! ”

 How was the process of implementing the system in your organization and how long did it take you to have complete control over the system?

“The training process went great and professionally. Tzachi, my client manager, did everything necessary to best assimilate our recruitment system. We received very detailed guidance even when we came to your offices. Tzachi was available to us on the phone, messages and took care of all my needs at all times. Tzachi made sure to give us all the guidance from the largest to every small detail. We were able to control the system on an ongoing basis within two weeks of the beginning of the implementation process.”

 What has changed and improved thanks to the Hunter EDGE recruitment system?

“The system serves us professionally. We receive full control of candidates in the recruitment processes through the Hunter EDGE recruitment system.

In addition, with the help of the report generator we have an option to produce very detailed reports such as control of recruitment providers and control over our recruitment sources.

Compared to the past, we have more knowledge of the recruitment process at every step.

We now have a follow-up on the practical aspect of the recruitment process which includes a snapshot and of course reports and so the recruitment process is managed more effectively and we save a lot of time.”

What features do you use more and how do they improve the recruitment process?

“One of our favorite features in the recruitment system is the ability to communicate with candidates through WhatsApp directly from the Hunter EDGE recruitment system.

The company’s recruitment coordinators use the report generator feature extensively, and in addition, in the resume box of candidates who have arrived and thus created order and organization.

All the resumes of the students who studied with us come to the recruitment system and thus perform a smart analysis of the resume and the establishment of candidate cards automatically.”