Anat Mazor

January 16, 2013

Comwise is a development center established in 2010 and responsible for developing complex web system platforms in the field of online gaming.

At the beginning, Comwise consisted of only five employees. However, it quickly evolved into a 100-employee company, including software developers, team heads, project, managers and QA staff – in Israel and overseas.
Most of the company’s activities focus on the Asian market, and it intends to expand into additional markets as well.
Anat Mazor Yaacoby, the company’s HR manager, has a master’s degree in behavioral sciences and over 5 years’ experience in HR. Her duties include recruitment work as well as establishing the entire HR department from scratch: employee welfare, rights, occupational law, wages, collaboration with the company’s financial department and external vendors, leading cross-organizational projects, participating in the senior management forum and promoting various issues on a daily basis. Here is what she has to say about the Hunter EDGE:
“At the beginning we used an internal sharing system along with the Outlook and Excel files. This permitted us to store our information but not to perform any searches on CV’s, send them to recruiting managers, or automatically update the candidates’ statuses. As time went by, our recruitment team grew, and we realized that failing to use an organized HR system was ineffective, wasted a lot of time, caused us disorder, and could even result in missing the opportunity to contact a candidate at the right time.”
After a comprehensive examination of other recruitment systems, Comwise decided to go for Niloosoft’s Hunter EDGE.

“The system looked easy to implement as simple to operate. Maintaining our database on a cloud was appealing, and the option of interfacing to LinkedIn and job ad websites attracted our attention as a tremendous advantage. Additionally, our chemistry with the Niloosoft team made us realize that we were going in the right direction,” says Anat. When implementing the system, the need for “funnel” reports became apparent, and these were developed especially for Comwise in order to assist them in their recruitment process.
Anat points out that from the moment the system was implemented in the company, the entire recruitment process improved: recruiting managers can more easily become involved in the recruitment process; all of the information is current, and is maintained in a single system allowing the user to obtain up-to-date information at any time at the push of a button; CV’s get the attention they deserve and are taken care of within only a few hours of being received, resulting in a faster response time; and one can easily recognize the source of each CV, so placement agencies are treated more fairly.
Within several months of the system’s implementation, a staggering amount of 45 new employees have been recruited to work for Comwise in Israel in addition to 25 overseas.
“For a company of our size, with the technologies we utilize and the quality of people we are looking for, this is a tremendous achievement!” says Anat.