Shahar Atias

By: Sapir Zuckerman, Customer Manager at Niloosoft

Written based on an interview with Shahar Atias, Recruitment Coordinator, Dan Public Transportation Company Ltd.

Dan, one of the pioneers of public transportation in Israel, is one of the few economic bodies born in the early years of Zionism in Israel and has been active in the field since its inception.

Today, Dan transports over 17 million passengers a month. When the bulk of the activity focuses on the Gush Dan Area –

which is the country’s main area of business and residents.

Over the years, Dan has worked on the development of the municipal transportation system in the Gush Dan Area adapting it to the urban, geo-political and technological developments that Israel has gone through over the years and the Gush Dan Area in particular.

How was the business conducted prior to your engagement with Nilosoft?

“With the increase in activity in the Gush Dan Area, and in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Transport, Dan has required to cope with a significant increase in the amount of daily travel, and as a result, a requirement to significantly increase its amount of personnel in all areas.

Over the past two years, Dan has gone from advertising in old media platforms, such as journalism, to digital media advertising. The move exposed Dan to new sources of recruitment, which resulted in a significant increase in recruitment numbers.

All data used to be stored and saved in Excel files and are now managed in up-to-date tables and sorting methods”.

How did you come to the decision that we need to find a solution that will improve the current situation?

“Following the increase in the number of job-searchers, precious time was wasted documenting the  candidates. There were candidates that “got lost” within the outdated work process. As a result, it was decided that a new system was needed to meet the recruitment and management needs of the company’s candidates. A system that can also handle the work with the external and internal parties that the company works with.”

What solutions have been tested? And why did you choose Hunter EDGE?

“We examined tax companies that give services in the work of recruitment. We were looking for a company that will first and foremost know how to give us the highest level of service, while dealing with a complex company. These days of COVID, while the majority is at home, we were a company that had to continue to meet the needs of public transportation in Gush Dan.

The only company that agreed to attend the meeting, was a frontal meeting, was Niloosoft.

Sapir, the sales manager at Niloosoft fully invested herself to us as well as the company’s VP – with all the difficulties. They when to the full extent to introduce the system, the solutions, answer every question that came up and they gave us the feeling that we had hit the jackpot and found what we were looking for. Both in terms of the technological solution as well as the service side.”

How was the process of implementing the system in your organization and how long did it take you to have complete control over the system?

“During the assimilation process, we met a lovely man named Tzachi. In the initial stage, the implementation took place remotely. A few days later he came to us for a few hours of frontal guidance. Tzachi sat, explained and didn’t leave until everything was clear, and every question was answered.

Every development solution we sought to carry out in order for the system to provide us with a better response was carried out quickly and at the highest level of service.”

 What has changed and improved thanks to the Hunter EDGE recruitment system?

“The system serves us professionally.

We receive full control of candidates in the recruitment processes through the Hunter EDGE recruitment system.

In addition, with the help of the report generator we have an option to produce very detailed reports such as control of recruitment providers and control over our recruitment sources.

Compared to the past, we have more knowledge of the recruitment process at every step.

We now have a follow-up on the practical aspect of the recruitment process which includes a snapshot and of course reports and so the recruitment process is managed more effectively and we save a lot of time.”