Mass Recruitment Software Can Contribute To Building Your Business Intelligence

While it’s true that knowledge is power, it is only in recent years that technology has gotten to the point where knowledge can be quickly accessed from a mass of data that, in its raw form, is too big and varied to be useful. It’s always been known that actual useful data could eventually be filtered from that large collection, but in the past, the activity required to do so was extremely tedious and time-consuming. Unless companies had dedicated statistics and data processing staff on hand, it was not worth the expense and time required. Today, however, all that has changed, and with Niloosoft and our Hunter BI software, these recruitment business intelligence tools are within easy reach of any company, even without the specialized staff.

What Is Business Intelligence?

While it does require a specific type of intellectual acumen to succeed in business, that is not the trait that the term “business intelligence” describes. Rather than focusing on the qualities for corporate success, business intelligence, in modern times, is about making sound decisions based on one of the safest but least utilized resources a business has available: raw data accrued through operations.

Under ordinary circumstances, operational data may be important for day-to-day work or even archival purposes, but the effort required to extrapolate more than that, for example, for longer-term decision-making about a company’s operations, requires more skill, effort, and processing resources. Good software, however, can address this need, especially in important areas such as mass recruitment. 

Software Collaboration

One of the best things about the Hunter BI software is that it can easily integrate and work with the vast data stores accumulated by other Niloosoft software suites, such as the Hunter EDGE mass recruitment platform. This makes for a much easier installation and application process, and the recruitment business intelligence tools can go straight to work with the data already coming in from Hunter EDGE. There’s no need to worry about software compatibility or needing to configure these software suites to work together smoothly; they do all that already.

Because the data is easily shared, this means that Business Intelligence can quickly process it and, more importantly, convert it from raw data into a form that is more meaningfully interpreted. Best of all, the collaboration between Niloosoft software suites means that data can be accessed and analyzed in real time, even as new recruitment data is added to the existing database.

Make Your Data Useful

One of the best things about mass recruitment software that uses recruitment business intelligence is how it can take large volumes of data and represent it in easy-to-comprehend visual presentations, such as charts and graphs. This makes it much easier to look at a large data subset and derive meaning from it or compare past data sets to see what conclusions can be made. While it is daunting to consider this data in total, valuable insights can be made by analyzing specific metrics such as:

Time To Fill

This data represents the time it can take from opening up a position and advertising it to when a final selection is made, and a new employee is hired. This is an important metric that varies across companies and even specific roles, with big differences between non-management and management positions, for example.

Time To Hire

This data represents the specific period from a potential candidate submitting an application to that candidate being offered a position. This is another important metric that shows how much time your business spends on each candidate before finally making a hiring decision.

Attrition Rate

Another valuable piece of long-term data is the rate at which hired employees stay. Another version of this is the more specific “first year” or “12-month” attrition rate that looks at how many newly hired employees remain in their positions for more than a year or resign. This can be an important metric for both hiring and management practices.

Improve Your Hiring

The best way to make the most of the hiring process is to make decisions based on actual data your business provides. Recruitment business intelligence that draws its data directly from mass recruitment software is one of the most efficient ways to gather this data, but only if it provides the necessary tools to extract meaningful conclusions from it.

Whether you are interested in finding out which department in your company has hiring challenges or want to reduce the number of days it takes to approve a suitable candidate to fill a position, business intelligence can show you how you’re currently performing and point out the areas you want to focus on to improve. Whatever the hiring tasks you have set in front of you, Niloosoft has a suite of recruitment software that can help improve your hiring process and, as importantly, give you more data to work with, help define your metrics, and meet or exceed your goals.