Hunter BI- Business intelligence for smart recruitment

Hunter Business Intelligence

Business intelligence for smart recruitment

 Are you often required to make quick decisions based on your recruitment data?
BI systems are commonly used and essential for managing the recruitment system!

Recruitment in organizations is a complex process, which entails many under-processes and many participants, whether inside or outside the organization.
In order to be able to manage this process effectively and effectively, ongoing monitoring of the various recruitment metrics is necessary.

Niloosoft has developed Hunter Business Intelligence, which visualizes (visualizing) your recruitment throughpopitation metrics:

  • Farms directly into the Hunter EDGE system.
  • Analyzes the data analytically, diversely and customized to the user.
  • Shows the results of your recruitment metric analysis in visual reports.
  • Works in real time and displays the latest data!

Niloosoft Hunter BI gives managers the ability to see, simply and intelligently, their important recruitment metrics and make quick and prudent decisions on their own basis!

The reports actually present quickly, accurate and professional reflection of the recruitment metrics!
They are provided in a wide range of data-cutting options and perspectives on your recruitment system.

As recruitment managers, you are looking to know as much relevant data as possible about recruitment metrics.
Do jobs get stuck with a specific recruiter manager?
Is there difficulty in a specific position?
Who are the elements within the organization that contribute to a rapid and effective recruitment process?
Who are the elements in or out of the organization that are monitoring the recruitment process?
What’s the average time it takes to recruit a candidate for a job in a particular department?
Do your recruitment sources adequately meet your requirements?
Where are our candidates?

These and many other questions are asked by every recruitment manager, in any organization, on a regular basis.
For them, you can get an answer immediately, visually, without the need to delve into tables full of data and numbers that are difficult to understand.

Hunter BI analytical reports are the ultimate tool, allowing the recruitment manager and analyst to understand what’s going on in the organization’s recruitment system. In doing so, learn how to streamline recruitment procedures and make them more effective!

Proper data assessment is the key to success!


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