Racheli Lazerowitz

Racheli Lazerowitz

By: Sapir Zuckerman, Customer Manager at Niloosoft

Written based on an interview with Racheli Lazerowitz, Director of Recruitment and Human Resources, Gini Computing Services

Gini Computing Services is Israel’s leading IT services company.

The company provides a variety of end-to-end computing solutions in the field of information technologies, while meeting quality, service and professional standards.

The company combines innovation and proven experience of many years in the establishment, implementation and integration of computer systems.

The company has been providing computing services to businesses throughout the country for over 13 years and has a team of over 150 computing experts and engineers who are regularly trained and certified.

The main fields of Gini Computing Services are:

System Services 24/7: Outsourcing services, network monitoring services, remote server backup services, service suit/bank hours, help desk services.

Projects: Business computing: establishing communication networks, upgrading and adapting networks, virtualization for businesses, maintenance of virtual servers, implementation of ERP systems and planning information security systems.

Information system services: Characterization and analysis of customer requirements, construction of RFP documents, cost-benefit analysis, ERP project management, system selection planning and information systems manager.

Hardware and Software: Purchasing on preferential terms, managing software licenses, business computing peripherals, purchasing discount servers, purchasing software and purchasing hardware.

The recruitment department at the company is managed by Racheli Lazerowitz.

Racheli is a successful recruitment and human resources manager, with extensive experience in the field.

Racheli is responsible for bringing a recruitment system into the company and she was familiar with the Hunter EDGE recruitment system from previous workplaces.

From her start at  Gini, she insisted using a  recruitment system to streamline the recruitment processes in the company.

The interview with Racheli begins with the question:

How was the work process before prior to connecting with Niloosoft?

“There was no recruitment system, the company worked in the traditional method. When I took over the role of managing the recruitment and human resources department, I knew that the first step was to bring in a recruitment system to streamline and improve the processes.”

 What solutions have been tested? And why did you choose hunter edge recruitment system?

“I’ve known Niloosoft’s recruitment system from some time, I worked with the system at previous companies before I came to Gini. We looked at the process of selecting the system more options and we liked and connected to the Hunter EDGE system. The system is very user friendly compared to the other recruitment systems we examined, we encountered other systems very complicated to use and too complex.

Niloosoft’s system was the friendliest and most technological and very advanced, the system met for our needs”.

How did the process of implementing the system go through the organization and how long did it take for you to have complete control over the system?

“The system is very user friendly and simple, so the implementation process was very simple – especially as I was familiar with it from the past”.

Roy, the assimilation manager walked us through the implantation. I was done in a very professional way, especially as I am responsible for many recruitments and our organizational structure is slightly different to other companies.

I’m in charge of recruiting in three different companies in the group. Therefore, implementing the infrastructure of the system was very important and indeed Roy was able to adapt the system to our exact needs.”

What features do you use more and how do they improve the recruitment process?

“The features I like best in the system are the desktop (dashboard), the whole recruitment process is accessible and convenient for me. All the data in front of me on one screen and so there is a lot of order in the workflow.

Also, candidate hunter is a very important feature in the recruitment process that I use for searches and targeting resumes. In addition, the option to keep a hunter and automate it is very helpful to me in the recruitment process.”

Would you like to add anything else in regards to the system?

“Yes, I would like to add that the system creates an order that can’t be compared to the old fashioned excel sheets and traditional word methods. Choosing to introduce a recruitment system is a very important choice.

The system arranges the resumes in one place and helps manage the resume pool smartly and correctly.”

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