Moran Britchner

Moran Britchner

By: Sapir Zuckerman, Customer Manager at Niloosoft

Written based on an interview with Moran Britchner- Recruitment Manager at Madanes Insurance Agency Ltd.

Madanes, Israel’s largest independent insurance agency, serves hundreds of thousands of private and business customers in all areas of insurance. Established in 1972, professionalism and experience have made Madanes a supplier chosen by many Israeli communities and businesses such as the law communities, doctors, accountants, high-tech companies, architects, permanent servants and IDF retirees and many others.

Madanes excels in creativity and innovation and develops new insurance products that meet the needs of the insured and changing market conditions.

In Madanes you will find insurance solutions in various fields: professional liability insurance, life insurance, health insurance (group and private), business insurance, car insurance, apartment insurance, financial services and more.

In addition to insurance solutions, Madanes provides customers with a pool of ancillary services such as legal advice and protection, risk management, and claims management.

Madanes insurance agency is one of Niloosoft’s oldest clients, the agency purchased the recruitment system in 2010 and since then about 3 human resources managers and various recruitment hubs have been replaced and the use of the system has not ceased during this time.

Today, recruitment manager Moran Britchner and 2 recruitment coordinators work on the system.

Moran’s has been working on Niloosoft’s system in Madanes for about two and a half years, after coming for a different placement company where they worked on another recruitment system. And when she arrived at the insurance agency Madanes, Moran says that she was able to work on the system easily, she came for training at no cost at the Niloosoft offices, and very quickly worked on the system smoothly.

The interview with Moran begins with a question,

Do you know how the recruitment process took place before Niloosoft’s system was used?

Moran says, “As far as I kknow, the agency worked the traditional way, through Excel files and emails – they would advertise mainly on required websites and use placement companies, but the whole process was done completely manually.”

What are the features you use more and how do they improve the recruitment process?

“First of all, we only use the system in terms of recruitment. It is very convenient for all resumes to move to the system automatically, the system opens a candidate portfolio and with one click we can see all the history of that applicant, the jobs to which he/she belonged and the statuses in the recruitment processes.

In addition, the candidate hunter is an important feature in the recruitment process and with it we filter and cut throughout our DATA and it saves us a lot of time.

Most importantly, the reports give us a way to track the various data metrics and I am given the option to see the ongoing work of the recruitment coordinators in the best way possible.”

Would you like to add something more about Niloosoft’s system?

“The system is very comfortable and friendly which is very important to me – over the years I have encountered and worked with various recruitment systems. Most of the systems I worked with were unpleasant to the eye.

In contrast, Niloosoft’s system is visually stunning – the colors are pleasing to the eye.

And another thing, I always have the full support from the company and especially from Oz Oved (project manager) – he really helps us on every subject and gives the best service. The service in the company for me is the best virtue.”

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