Marina Gil

By: Sapir Zuckerman, Customer Manager at Niloosoft

Written based on an interview with Marina Gil, Recruitment and Placement Coordinator at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

The Scientific-technological research university among the top 10 in the world in the development of human capital, leadership and knowledge creation, working to promote the State of Israel and humanity.

The Technion has been an important driving force in the development of the country: from military technological solutions to the electricity network and telephone network, from the establishment of traditional industries and of course the Israeli high-tech industry, to the development of housing and infrastructure solutions throughout the country.

Today the Technion campus is a small city, located in an area bordering the Carmel Forest on one side and overlooking Haifa Bay on the other. The campus has 17 faculties in 85 buildings, including the most advanced research facilities in the world,

Among them are new interdisciplinary centers in nanotechnology and life sciences, established in huge investments, as well as a super company that enables us to conduct studies at the most advanced level.

The campus has a variety of dormitory buildings, one of the largest and most sophisticated sports centers in Israel, a synagogue, a cinema, a visitor center, a hostel, cultural clubs, a bank branch, grocery stores, a kindergarten, a clinic and more.

The Technion has about 14,100 students, of whom 9,700 are undergraduates, approximately 3,300 MSC students and 1,100 PhD students.

About a third of them are female students. In most faculties, the percentage of women is higher than the national average for that faculty.

Over the years of its existence, the Technion has trained more than 40,000 graduates who have made a significant contribution to the country’s economic, security and scientific development.

The Technion trains graduates in science, engineering and other fields, such as architecture, medicine, industrial management and science education.

In 2004, research professor Avraham Hershko and research professor Aharon Ciechanover were chosen as Nobel laureates in chemistry for their discovery about the objection system, a discovery that broke through for many more studies and opened a new way to deal with cancer.

In 2011, research professor Dan Shechtman was chosen as a Nobel laureate in chemistry for the discovery of quasicrystals in 1982.

In light of his discovery, the scientific definition of the crystal was changed and the knowledge he developed resulted in a new understanding of the structure of solid materials.

The Technion’s success as a world-renowned academic institution is the result of the joint contribution of all Technion employees who play diverse, challenging roles and are an essential part of the Technion’s success and achieving its goals.

The Human Resources Division emphasizes the cultivation of human capital in order to create both a pleasant and challenging workplace for Technion employees.

The recruitment and placement section of the Technion consists of three professionals: Shoshi Dolev, Head of recruitment and placement of employees, Orly Cohen Gross and Marina Gil are the recruitment coordinators.

Marina Gil is the director of the main work in the Hunter EDGE recruitment system. Marina has been working at the Technion for 8 years, has extensive experience in all recruitment processes – Marina came as a student and over time she was picked up as a company employee.

The recruitment department recruits about 150 jobs a year and the recruitment processes are complex and sometimes take months to years. The Technion is a public facility and therefore there is a challenge in the recruitment processes, selecting candidates with the most precision for the various positions.

At the Technion there are many units and recruitment processes varied according to each faculty.

Marina says:

“Niloosoft’s recruitment system is so important for managing recruitment processes at the macro level, the recruitment processes are very complex. For example, when I post an open position in the faculty, I pass on the job details to the various recruiting managers and they do the recruitment processes, of course I monitor through the system throughout the recruitment processes,

But because the system is very user friendly and convenient the managers also work through it and really save and have a record on different statuses of candidates.

I’ve been working in the recruitment department for eight years, and I can attest what that the system has gone through and is always undergoing very large upgrades.

We started at the beginning with the portal and then went on to the Hunter EDGE system, we are actually among the first customers, you could say that without the system we would be lost. The system totally serves us and not the other way around, it doesn’t require efforts and is very easy to use.”

How did the process of implementing the system go through the organization and how long did it take for you to have complete control over the system?

“When I came to the Technion, we had Niloosoft’s system for about a year, so I dived directly into work with the system. The system is user-friendly – I went through training on the system and started working without any issues. It was very convenient and easy to use and in a short time I already had complete control of the recruitment system.

Over the years, professional managers have also started using the recruitment system, and they get along with it and run on their own in all the operations of the system.”

What features do you use more and how do they improve the recruitment process?

“As I mentioned earlier, the recruitment processes are complex and require monitoring and order in all the different processes.

The number of employees at the Technion is about 1,800, of whom 600 are academic staff members and about 1,200 administrative staff.

The recruitment processes do not stop for a moment, so all records of the candidates are in the system, creating a history about the candidates.

We use the candidate hunter quite a bit, the cuts are very precise and excellent for us, every time you need specific requirements for the jobs using the hunter you can find the right candidate.

That’s how we take advantage of a repository of resumes years back and regenerate it every time. Through the system we have a live and up-to-date resume repository.

Another feature we use in is reports, the tools for tracking the various jobs, tracking the progress of candidates in all faculties, reports a member bringing a friend and of course, via the reports I can monitor the recruitment processes of the professional managers, I feel that I really manage to produce every report I need and thus create ongoing monitoring of all processes.”

Would you like to add something else?

“Yes, first of all, I would like to give praises to Nir, director of assimilation and training at Niloosoft, He regularly accompanies us through all the processes, he cares and whenever we need help, he is available to us with professional and accurate answers.

It is important for him to have closure at every turn we make and gives excellent service.

Through Nir we also discover how the system can be taken every step further and manage the recruitment processes in the best way possible.”

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