Hadas Segev

By: Sapir Zuckerman, Strategic Account Manager at Niloosoft

Written based on an interview with Hadas Segev, Director of Recruitment and Human Resources.

Veracity is a leading software company specializing in providing value-added services and software integration in the fields of BIG DATA, Databases, DevOps and Cloud. We offer products, solutions and services managed in these areas, such as MySQL, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Oracle, Lucidworks, Microsoft and more. We have an excellent and experienced DBAs team across a wide range of platforms and technologies: MySQL, Oracle, SQL-Server PostgreSQL, Hadoop, DevOps, SPARK and more.

Established in 2004, the company has been expanding and growing ever since.

In 2013, Veracity became part of E & M Computing Ltd. as part of our strategic growth plan.

Our team includes more than 40 architects, technical experts and trained professionals.

Veracity represents reliability and we are partners of Oracle, MySQL, Cloudera and Robin-Systems.

We know how to adapt and offer solutions based on usage, challenges and needs, improve performance and reduce cloud costs.

Veracity offers design, development, end-to-end maintenance methodologies and 24/7 global support for hundreds of customers.

Our strengths are expertise and extensive experience of Data Base, BIG DATA and DevOps.

Hadas Segev has extensive knowledge and experience in technological recruitment. She joined the company in 2016 and is a single function in the company of recruitment.

The interview with Hadas begins with the question:

How was the recruitment process conducted prior to contact with Niloosoft?

“Before I started working on Niloosoft’s recruitment system, I worked on another recruitment system that didn’t fit the recruitment processes for the company’s needs. Plus, the system sat on our servers in the offices so at work I was chained to the office. I heard from recruitment colleges about Niloosoft’s recruitment system, which is very good and advanced. Mostly I’ve heard of the system’s candidate hunter.

After all the recommendations, I met with Sapir at a recruitment conference and then we made an appointment and saw that the system really fit our needs exactly.”

How did the system implementation process take place in the organization? How long did it take before you had complete control of the system?

“The implementation process went very well. The system is very friendly – I was concerned that the transition from one system to another would be problematic, but really because the system is so easy to use and friendly in a short time I learned it well and was able to work excellently and professionally on the system”.

Data was also converted to Niloosoft’s system from the previous system, how did that process go?

“The transition went great, at first we built a characterization document and sealed it. After that, the retraining began running as a test, Niloosoft’s skilled team conducted a round of tests and tracked all the data, to check all went well and that all the data was transferred superbly.”

What features do you use more and how do they improve the recruitment process?

“First of all, Niloosoft’s recruitment system is a Web system, a system on a cloud. It means that I’m not chained to work in an office and I can work remotely from anywhere in the world. The system is constantly available to me to log in and follow the recruitment process.

Also, I think the candidate hunter is a very significant and time-saving tool. The hunter makes the recruitment processes super accurate. It helps save time to focus on resumes relevant to the different jobs which is very significant.

Of course, all the records on the different candidates are very important to produce history and keep all recruitment processes.

Also, the option that I can edit resumes and adapt them to the client is very helpful to me”.

“I’ve been working on Niloosoft’s recruitment system all day, it’s really my right hand!

All the work on the recruitment processes is concentrated in one system and I don’t have to work on WORD and any other software at the same time, Niloosoft’s system provides me with an excellent work tool.”

The system helps you keep track of the recruitment processes?

“Sure, I work on the reports in Niloosoft’s system, and so I’m able to keep track of all the different data in the recruitment processes. It helps me greatly to maintain order and follow all recruitment processes.”

Would you like to mention anything else?

“Yes, I must also mention Niloosoft’s staff, all charming and professional. The ongoing work with my assimilator Roy Levy was also wonderfully done.I don’t remember once Roy wasn’t available to me, in fact the whole support system is just wonderful.

There’s no way I’m not working on the system, and even if there’s a bug for a few minutes, it’s fixed for me.

I’m very pleased – it’s a friendly recruitment system, a good one and I definitely recommend it.”