Hadar Brina

To whom it may concern,

Adam Milo is one of the nations largest company in the field of human resources. The company has five decades’ experience in providing comprehensive HR solutions in the areas of recruitment, applicant assessment, placement, employee development, organizational consulting, internet based applicant assessment and career counseling.
Adam Milo has earned an impeccable reputation among thousands of customers in the private and business sectors in Israel and abroad. The company services every industry on the market – finance, industry, technology, telecom, insurance, transportation, pharmacy and health. It offers solutions for every level and rank – from simple jobs to the most senior management positions.
Adam Milo employs over 500 people, including psychologists, organizational consultants, top level recruiters and placement and applicant assessment professionals. The company has five branches in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Tiberius and Beer Sheva.
Adam Milo locates, recruits, screens and places candidates in a wide variety of positions. The professional approach guiding our recruitment unit is to meticulously match the applicant to the customer’s requirements and the position itself, maintaining high professional and ethical standards and complete discretion. We offer all of the above while conforming to the shortest timetables.
Adam Milo’s recruitment and placement department utilizes the Hunter EDGE. This is the appropriate solution for an organized, effective, fast, high quality recruitment process. Implementing the Hunter feature within the system is easy, allowing effective searching by emphasizing specific criteria in a large applicant base.
The system is convenient, user friendly and easy to operate, and even if something is not understood, there is always someone to ask.
The system is intuitive and allows our institute to maintain a common applicant base derived from each of our branches. And of course, it allows us to access it from any location, even from home.

Hadar Brina
Recruitment and placement manager
Adam Milo Ltd.