Gideon Keren

Success Story – Anashim Ze Tozaot
By Ronny Elias, customer director at Niloosoft
This article was written with the generous help of Gideon Keren, CEO of Anashim Ze Tozaot

Anashim Ze Tozaot is a unique placement agency owned and directed by Gideon Keren that has provided placement and recruitment services for over 25 years.
The company recruits mid-scale and top scale personnel and specializes in sales positions.
Gideon believes that results in any organization (whether a commercial, industrial or high tech company) come from the people that work in it. He additionally believes in the experience, maturity and capabilities of candidates who are over 40 years old, and sets an example of this with his own employees. His entire placement team is composed of employees between the ages of 40 and 50 with a bachelor’s or master’s degree who were formerly HR executives of large organizations. His team is highly knowledgeable and experienced and its members are versed in both sides of the placement process (placement agency and the organization itself).
When Gideon Keren and a group of his staff (several highly experienced HR executives who were familiar with quite a few recruitment systems) approached the task of selecting a recruitment system for the agency, they examined several leading systems and analyzed them thoroughly against the agency’s needs.
“After examining and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of a number of systems, we used our discretion and experience to select Niloosoft’s Hunter EDGE,” Gideon says. “This system has proven itself to be better than all the others and provided an excellent solution for what we needed. As a company specializing in placement of mid scale and top scale personnel, Niloosoft’s Hunter EDGE was the leader on the market, with interfaces that were particularly suitable for a company like ours. So we are very happy with it!” he summarizes.