Eyal Hever

To: Israel Employment Service

Subject: The Hunter EDGE

Hever Human Capital specializes in locating, recruiting, assessing and placing employees in every sector of the economy including law, marketing, software, hardware, administration, sales, and more.

Hever Human Capital’s activity extends nation wide.
At Hever Human Capital we have over 20 licenses for the Hunter EDGE.
This system has proven itself to be effective and economical in locating candidates quickly and accurately.
As the system is user friendly, it is easy to learn how to use it. If a new employee is hired by our company, she can immediately start working with it.
Another benefit is that it does not require any maintenance or storage on our part, and of course the system is internet based, which allows our employees to work from home if needed.


Eyal Hever
Information systems manager
Hever Human Capital