Dikla Bar Ilan

By: Sapir Zuckerman, Customer Manager at Niloosoft

Written based on an interview with Dikla Bar Ilan, director of the Career Recruitment Center

The College of Management academic track is a pioneer of academic colleges in Israel.

Throughout the college’s 38 years of activity, they have developed a unique method in the field of higher education: a combination of academic excellence, interdisciplinary and applied professional knowledge.

This unique combination is reflected in the unique curriculum, innovative teaching methods and the selection of academic staff, which includes lecturers with professional experience, in addition to academic experience.

The College of Management believes that alongside academic excellence, permanent discourse with the employment market must be taken care of and accordingly to teach and train students and graduates.

TheCollege operates a career management center that provides students with familiarity with the world of employment, new fields born each year, and provides placement services to students and graduates of the college.

The success story was only a matter of time – the College of Management has had 14 work coordinators working for them since the beginning of 2016.

The interview with Dikla begins with the obvious question of how did the employment process take place in the past?

Dikla recalls, “We worked with a recruitment system, which was good but didn’t fit us completely.

We were looking for a system that would streamline our time as we’re working on very large reservoirs. And we were looking for a solution on how to centralize all the data and enable both employer management and candidate management.

Most importantly, we were looking for an Internet system that could be used on a mobile phone platform.”

Did you try any other solutions? Why did you choose hunter HRMS?

“Of course we looked at other recruitment systems, but hunter HRMS has been able to meet our requirements.

At the same time, we also checked with customers similar to us which software they work with and recommend, but there is no doubt that Niloosoft’s system is the best shelf software for us.”

How did the process of implementing the system go through the organization and how long did it take for you to have complete control over the system?

“Overall just fine, the implementation went sommthly, the system is very friendly and convenient to the user, and most importantly it allows adjustments.”

 What features do you use more and how do they improve the recruitment process?

“The reports are very helpful to us and optimize our time, they are very easy and the system allows a great variety of reports. In addition, the idea that the system works on the cloud, can be worked with from anywhere and this is a very big advantage.”

Can you tell me a little bit about the career site that Niloosoft made for a career recruitment center of the College of Management?

“Sure, the career site of a career recruitment center is very convenient and shortens work times. There are over 1,000 jobs on the site, which is a huge amount of data – and it manages to gather all the information, in addition to the most important, the interface is an attractive web interface, compatible with cellular!

Today if the jobs site was not accessible to the modern world of cellular, students would not enter as frequently as they do today and therefore this is the biggest advantage.”

All customer management (=employer, student and graduate) and job management is conducted accurately.”

Dikla adds, “Dealing with Niloosoft is very good, the level of service is such a high level – attentive to changes and willingness to serve.”

To enter the career site for students and graduates of the College of Management which Niloosoft has developed, click here