Daniel Halaby

SeeV success story

By Ronny Elias, customer director at Niloosoft
This article was written with the generous help of Daniel Halaby, SeeV’s CEO

SeeV was founded by a group of graduates of elite technological units in the IDF, and all of its employees are highly trained in technology. This professional knowledge makes it possible for them to understand what kind of workers companies need and what kind of companie the worker need. SeeV provides unique placement services based on an extensive network of connections and in-depth familiarity with Israel’s software market.
It utilizes its exclusive network of connections, and goes to great lengths to locate unique, appealing employers for its applicants.
The team truly understands the world of high tech, so applicants and companies alike are provided with dedicated, personalized service that is founded first and foremost on technological knowledge.
Daniel Halaby, SeeV’s CEO – a graduate of the IDF’s IT unit and expert in software development – tells about the process of selecting the company’s recruitment software:
“Immediately after establishing SeeV in 2007, we began examining several recruitment solutions. As SeeV is a high tech placement agency specializing in start ups (which means it is technology oriented, advanced and innovative), it was important to find the recruitment system that would provide us with the most successful solution. We examined the systems that were available on the market, and found Niloosoft to be the system that could answer a large part of our needs.”
The reasons that have led SeeV to select Niloosoft were:
1) The fact that the Hunter EDGE was a web based system allowing the user to access it from any computer, anywhere in the world. Working via the Internet meant that no servers or hardware would need to be installed. Everything would be stored on Niloosoft’s servers that follow the most stringent security standards.
2) The system’s integration with Word and Outlook.
3) The automatic hunter – a fast, effective tool for analyzing and sorting CV’s.
SeeV’s website was still under construction at the time, so there were no special requirements connected to it. According to Daniel, they used the system “as-is”, because the company was still small at the beginning and had no particular requirements. However the company has grown significantly over the last 2 years and currently has 22 Hunter users.
“Several developments initiated by us have definitely been made along the way, and I believe this has upgraded Niloosoft’s system for other users as well,” says Daniel. Prior to August 2010, SeeV’s recruiters used Outlook to send CV’s to customers. Then they decided it was time to streamline this process, and initiated a development that made it possible to send CV’s through the system directly. Niloosoft made it possible to access an internal e-mail box within the system, allowing users to send e-mails and reducing the need to use external e-mail applications.
“This improved our work greatly. Instead of using e-mails, everything can now be viewed within the system itself”.
Daniel adds that the Hunter EDGE has helped SeeV reduce its costs and save time and manpower.