Alex Amster

By: Sapir Zuckerman, Customer Manager at Niloosoft

Written based on an interview with Alex Amster – VP recruitment at AllStars-IT.

AllStars-IT is a globally recognized technology software house that provides end-to-end services and offers a wide range of solutions for leading companies and organizations worldwide. The company is made of 500 educated and talented IT professionals with headquarters in Israel and an offshore training branch in Ukraine.

AllStars-IT is a reliable partner, offering long-term and successful collaboration to customers, and great career opportunities for employees.

Their approach is based on a combination of innovative technologies and optimal talents, ensuring high standards and innovation.

Over 13 years of experience working with large multinational companies in various industries and sectors, including banking and finance, high-tech, medical, insurance, retail & e-commerce, defense industries, government, etc.

Alex Amster, Vice President of Recruitment at AllStars-IT, has extensive experience and knowledge in the recruitment world,

talks about the recruitment processes and daily use of the Hunter EDGE recruitment system.

AllStars-IT has a branch in Israel and the recruitment team works with Niloosoft’s recruitment system. Just recently the recruitment team at the Ukraine branch began working and managing the recruitment processes within the system.

In addition, Alex says that they were able to expand the use of the system in another manner, and the sales force in Israel is working with the recruitment system as well.

“The sales department establishes customers in the system, records meeting summaries and, of course, contact information for each customer. The system provides a response to both recruitment and sales – the advantage is that we all work on the same system and not on different systems, so the data is constantly synchronized between us and can easily find the customer’s contact information and see the relevant activities.”

Alex goes on to say: “All recruitment processes are conducted within Niloosoft’s recruitment system, starting with receiving a resume, the system automatically identifies the sources of recruitment.

Managing the candidates and creating a history for each candidate that is also documented in the system.

Hunter EDGE provides a complete solution for us and we record all the data about candidates and customers – so you can simply find any data. The system is a allover solution for us in all management processes: sending resumes, tracking statuses (recruitment processes), in fact, the applicant’s entire life is managed – this is how we create simple and convenient work order and processes.”

What are the features you use more and how do they improve the recruitment process?

“The candidate hunter! Is the most important tool in the system and this is how we create keyword cuts within the resume repository and get the relevant resume for each job.

It saves us a lot of time and it’s measurable working with the system.

In addition, we send mailings through the system that approach different candidates – this is a good way to reach candidates and stimulate the resume pool.”

Would you like to add something else?

“Yes, Niloosoft’s recruitment system is a user-friendly recruitment system, a good one and I definitely recommend it.”