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We all experience the power that social media has today.
Social media is an excellent marketing platform for achieving new leads of candidates relevant to jobs.

Facebook is likely to be a major source of the kind of familiar networks from which candidates come from. In fact, 5 billion Facebook users (over 65% of Facebook posts) from all over the world browse Facebook every day. Of these, over 4 million Israelis surf Facebook on a daily basis via computer or smartphone.
Crowds of people are signed up to groups advertising jobs and tracking businesses that have been online.
From here you can conclude that there are a large number of candidates who are surfing Facebook and looking for work!

It is important to note that proper recruitment includes receiving a response from all the different hunter aspects – you are looking to reach as many new candidates as possible!
Niloosoft has developed Hunter FaceSite, a designed jobs site that will increase your new leads!

Hunter FaceSite is built into your Facebook business page, saving extra-organizational advertising and unnecessary clicks. In addition, it utilizes the Facebook network for one central goal: bringing hordes of new and relevant leads to your business!

Hunter FaceSite is characterized by the following:

  • Built into the company’s Facebook business page.
  • A whistleblower for the candidates of all your open positions.
  • Has the option to search for jobs by occupation or by search words.
  • Applying for any position that appears.
  • Has a designated area to promote your hot jobs.
  • Interfaces directly with the Niloosoft Hunter EDGE recruitment system and its reports.
    (Uploading jobs at the touch of a button from the system)

Hunter FaceSite attracts candidates and makes sure to take advantage of Facebook as any recruiter manager would want!

Examples of job sites for Facebook:

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