Quick Hire- Mobile app for managers

Hunter Quick Hire

Mobile app for managers

Recruiting managers are an integral part of recruitment processes!

Quick Hire increases the manager’s involvement in the recruitment process and his commitment to the success of the process, which shortens times and increases the success rate of the recruitment process.

Communication with managers can be cumbersome and waiting for the manager’s opinion is eroding.
After many discussions, we found the solution that will make it easier for recruitment coordinators to work with the professional managers.
In fact, one of the failures we’ve heard from many customers is that managers don’t have enough time to go through all the emails and resumes sometimes disappear within the blown-up email boxes.

How do you create time for managers?

Finally, after a lot of thinking and this kind of unique and first development, we are proud to present the most accurate, fastest and most efficient solution that will help you save a lot of time and effort with the managers.

Quick Hire app– Will be streamed to a mobile administrator!

Quick Hire will give recruiting managers the opportunity to manage their share of the mobile phone recruitment process anywhere, anytime!

How does the app work?

Quick Hire is very simple to operate and is designed for managers who recruit new candidates for their fields using the Hunter EDGE recruitment system.
Each manager will receive login information for his or her personal user and will be able to view the specific positions defined for him, under each position a list of candidates waiting to be processed will appear, after they have passed the recruitment department screening.

With Quick Hire, the manager can access the information and receive notifications at any given time. In his ability:

  • Reject or approve the candidates
  • Write reviews
  • Transfer his opinion directly and automatically to the Recruitment and Human Resources Department! (under the applicant’s card)

Well, when we’re engaged in managing recruitment procedures, Quick Hire makes working with managers easier, faster and just as important, much more automated!

Quick Hire interfaces directly with hunter edge system.

Your amenities – our automata!

** Of course, every manager will have an option to stream on your PC and not just a mobile app.

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