Personnel Recruitment Software Utilizing Social Networks : Facebook / LinkedIn

“Today, more than ever, the Internet is the largest confidential database of potential candidates for your organization”.

Morit Rozen – CEO and owner of HRD Recruiting Training Ltd., and principal of the training school

 Hunter EDGE is an advanced recruitment software that, for the first time in Israel, provides the innovation of recruitment via social networks.

For details on the Hunter EDGE system
Today, more and more companies and organizations use the social networks such as Facebook and Linkedin and their huge databases, to search for and locate top quality candidates for various positions.
After combing the social networks for candidates that fit the position’s requirements, there is the need to input the information about the applicant into the company’s computer system and begin contacting the applicants and documenting the process with each of them.
This process – searching for an employee with certain attributes and a specific background taken from the vast inventory of potential employees on the social networks and entering their details into the company’s computerized recruitment system – can be a lengthy and costly process consuming expensive work hours. However, it is still possible for many candidates who meet the position’s requirements to be overlooked.
Therefore, as effective and speedy recruitment via the social networks will provide you with a significant advantage in finding the best candidates, NilooSoft developed the Hunter EDGE that is able to locate and recruit candidates directly from the social networks. This system can create an “automatic hunter”, file the candidates automatically, and manage any follow ups.

For the first time in history, it is possible to coordinate between a recruitment system and the social networks, and in this way:
• Advertise a position directly from the recruitment system into the social networks.
• Perform smart searches and dispatch “automatic hunters” into the vast databases of the social networks.
• Assign a potential employee from the social networks to a position in the system.
• Identify an employee on the social network, extract his/her information, file it automatically and create an employee card in the system.
• Fully document every action performed on the social networks with the candidate within the recruitment software.
• Attain fully updated coordination between the information about jobs and employees as displayed on the social network and the searches performed in the recruitment system.
And everything is simple, easy and convenient for use, and can be done in Hebrew, English or Chinese.
• There is no need to learn how to use Linkedin. The Hunter EDGE software does it for you automatically.
• There is no need to copy information from the social network to your recruitment software. The Hunter HMRS automatically imports the relevant candidates into the system and completely manages any follow ups throughout the recruitment process.
• There is no need to manually search for candidates on the social networks. The Hunter EDGE links to the candidate’s profile on the social network and inputs any updates directly from the network to the recruitment software.
• There is no need to re-enter the details of the position that you wish to advertise on Linkedin. The Hunter EDGE automatically exports the details of the position into the social network and publishes them.