How To Improve Mass Recruitment Process With Software

One of the great challenges of mass recruitment is the scale. When you’re trying to find as many qualified personnel as quickly as possible, this can be a challenge for any employee recruitment system unless the right type of planning and coordination are prepared in advance. It’s here that mass recruitment systems such as those provided by Niloosoft can make a big difference in helping businesses to create their own scalable employee recruitment system that can not only handle the load required but do it in a way that is timely, efficient and easier to use for all the personnel and hiring managers that are involved.

There are specific areas where mass recruitment software can play a critical role in making this process more streamlined and efficient. Here are some of the areas where implementing a comprehensive software mass recruitment system can make a difference.

Facilitating Online & Social Media Processing

While traditional means of marketing an open position, such as taking out ads in the local newspaper, can still draw in applicants, the digital environment of the Internet is a far more common venue today, especially for younger applicants. The same is true for the application process. It always pays to have paper applications on hand for people who walk in, but a digital application process is a must in today’s working world, especially for any jobs that may allow remote work positions.

Mass recruitment software can play an essential role here; LinkedIn, for example, is one of the premier social media platforms for employment opportunities because it is a professional/working social media platform rather than a recreational one. As a result, any mass recruitment software that is capable of utilizing and interacting with LinkedIn and LinkedIn users can dramatically reduce the amount of time staff might spend either perusing LinkedIn themselves or processing applications from potential applicants who come through LinkedIn.

Application Processing

While it doesn’t require a high amount of technical skill or knowledge, processing incoming applications and filtering them to discard inappropriate or unqualified submissions while organizing more promising applications can take a great deal of time. Automated software solutions, however, can rapidly disseminate these tasks in timeframes impossible for human staff to achieve without devoting huge amounts of staffing.

Applications can also be centralized so that every relevant staff member has online access to the data, whether that is staff in human resources or individual hiring managers taking a closer look at specific resumes and applications. A centralized, online, automated mass recruitment software solution combines all of these features into a single, robust solution.

Coordinating With Applicants

Another area that often consumes vast amounts of time is the coordination required with applicants. Acknowledging the receipt of applications, sending out rejections or consolation replies to those applicants unsuitable in initial rounds of submission, and even replying to applicants to schedule and coordinate further steps along the process can all take up a lot of time when done on a large scale, such as at the enterprise level.

Good mass recruitment software can coordinate these various activities so that HR staff and hiring managers only need to deal with the end results. There’s no need to send out rejection emails when this task can be automated. If software can handle the emails required to coordinate availability for follow-up phone calls, video interviews, or even personal interviews, this can all also be easily organized by software that has access to the right data and schedules.

Assessment Centers

If there is any additional training required, mass recruitment software can also help coordinate assessment centers for companies. These courses can be administered according to location and instructional topics, feeding directly into completion and eventual employment by businesses with an interest.

This is a great way for businesses to refine their search further and even shape potential employees early on to have the necessary orientation and basic training that may be required for certain occupations within the company. With assessment courses, companies ensure that people get the training the business specifically requires to hit the ground running and make a productive contribution while reducing the amount of on-the-job education or training that may be normally required. 

Let Us Help You

Niloosoft has a broad and all-encompassing mass recruitment platform designed to address a spectrum of employment needs. It is easily scalable so that a medium-sized business can find the few people required, while enterprise-scale mass recruitment campaigns can search for a large number of staff in multiple positions.

The software is designed to help streamline, centralize, and ease the recruitment process for everyone. Even data analytics are available to evaluate the raw data acquired and improve future hiring practices. If you’re looking for even more, Niloosoft has a suite of recruitment software that gives many tools for adding more functionality and efficiency to a range of different hiring aspects for any business of any size.