Make Your HRMS More Robust With The Hunter EDGE Recruitment System

Recruiting new employees is one of the most important and time-consuming activities for any business. However, if you do it right the first time, this means productive employees who put in the time and effort to make your business flourish and grow. Getting the right people quickly can be a daunting task for human resource management systems, but with Niloosoft and our suite of HRMS Hunter and HRMS Edge software, you’ll get the advantage you need to stay competitive.

Scalable For Any Organization

What makes the combination of the HRMS Hunter and HRMS Edge software suites so powerful is their ability to scale to the size and specific needs of a business. For small businesses that are starting to grow beyond comfortably managing recruitment by the owner alone, small business versions of the software are available. For medium-sized enterprises going into an aggressive hiring phase, HRMS Hunter EDGE can level up to match these growing needs. Even at the large-scale enterprise level, with numerous positions across various highly specialized departments, HRMS Hunter and HRMS Edge can help human resource personnel and hiring managers coordinate efforts seamlessly and efficiently.

The result is software that can be configured to the needs of your business, rather than you having to find ways to accommodate what the software wants. It also operates online, allowing for accessibility when not in the office, and can be easily set to your business’s specific needs.

Perfect For Those Who Recruit

Even if your business is a highly specialized B2B operation that services other companies by helping them with their recruitment needs, HRMS Hunter and HRMS Edge can increase efficiency for your recruitment systems, providing clients with better, faster, more efficient results.

Even large-scale recruitment, such as needing to fill positions for customer support, sales, and marketing staff, can quickly gather up pools of potential candidates and sort them according to company needs. The software is flexible enough to adjust goals based on your or your client’s input and requirements, making it a valuable enhancement to existing hiring systems in recruitment organizations.

Intelligent Systems

One of the key pillars of the usefulness of HRMS Hunter and HRMS EDGE is the specific application of automation. Many tasks in the recruitment process are time-consuming and don’t necessarily require a high degree of specialized skill or specific talent. Sorting through applications to eliminate those that don’t meet basic qualifications, reaching out to prospective hires to coordinate further interactions, and even proactively seeking potential hires that haven’t applied but may be publicly available are all tasks that require a high degree of diligence but not necessarily specialized training.

Niloosoft’s systems can free up valuable personnel from handling necessary but tedious and time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus their more valuable skill and time on higher-priority activities, such as interviewing potential candidates. The software can manage outreach, schedule coordination, and even reply to emails as and when they are received.

The software can also rapidly analyze resumes to find the appropriate applicants and reserve them for further consideration. However, the system doesn’t have to limit itself to just those reached with an application. The system is capable of browsing established professional social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, and scanning available resumes to find those that meet your needs without needing to allocate additional staff to the task of seeking out available potential hires who haven’t applied and notify you of these extra hiring opportunities.

Ready For The Largest Scale

With a broad array of different automated systems to offload more tedious or process-of-elimination-based activities, the HRMS Hunter and HRMS EDGE systems are capable of processing orders of magnitude more applications than humans assigned to task while still ensuring that relevant HR personnel and hiring managers are always in the loop about what’s happening, and given final authority on hiring decisions.

 Whether you are on a mass recruitment drive for your own company or working as a service provider to recruit staff for client businesses, Niloosoft has a mass recruitment platform configured to your specific hiring needs. It is easily scalable, allowing small and medium-sized companies to find a few people. It also allows larger enterprise-scale ventures to go on mass recruitment campaigns for many different positions.

Our software also provides useful tools for data analytics, so you can take the raw data collected and improve your hiring practices further by analyzing that data. Whatever the hiring tasks you have set in front of you, Niloosoft has a suite of recruitment software that gives you the tools you need to add more functionality and efficiency for everyone. If you’d like to know more about this software, contact us today for more information or to answer any questions, concerns, or clarification about how this software can help your recruiting efforts. We’re always ready to help.