Even Talent Acquisition Can Be Streamlined & Automated

One of the most important functions in recruitment is talent acquisition. It’s not enough to find employees and executives to fill out a roster for a company. Truly talented workers with a high level of excellence in their skill sets bring much more to a company’s growth. However, this type of talent can be hard to find, which is why “headhunting” is a useful method. This is where automated head hunting can make a difference.  Niloosoft and our suite of HRMS Hunter and HRMS Edge software are here to enhance this aspect of recruitment.

Headhunting For Your Needs

The secret to successful talent acquisition, and thus implementing an effective automated headhunting protocol, is to understand and enhance a business’s existing recruitment practices. It is a very rare situation where a “scorched earth” approach to tearing everything down and starting from scratch is actually the optimal solution. In most cases, such a drastic approach will do more harm than good and even negatively impact a company’s performance, sometimes permanently.

Instead, the optimal approach is to take the time to conduct a deep analysis of a business’s needs and closely examine the current structure of the talent acquisition and headhunting process. This is especially true if the current method largely works, and the desire is to improve and streamline it. This is typically done by looking at not just its weaknesses but also its strengths.

Once the current talent acquisition and headhunting processes are documented and understood, it’s time to put that in the context of what a business needs. Why was the talent acquisition process conceived in this form? What are the goals and desired outcomes of this process, and how closely does the current process fulfill those goals? Where is the time spent? Are there any redundancies that can be improved upon?

These questions are where the Niloosoft software can provide improved answers.

Streamlining & Efficiency

There are many aspects of talent acquisition that, while necessary and foundational, do not necessarily require a high level of skill to complete. The beginning of any talent acquisition search, for example, is about “casting a wide net” and using more general search parameters to come up with a basic list of potential recruits suitable for headhunting. In these initial stages, basic dataset gathering and processing are the only skills required, and this is one area where automated headhunting can make huge gains in efficiency and streamlining.

For example, rather than having highly skilled personnel sift through professional and industry social media platforms such as LinkedIn, using their own guided set of search parameters to find potential staff that meets these metrics, automated headhunting can take over this task. The process of evaluating a profile and looking for the presence of key skill sets can be done just as easily by an automated process as by an experienced hiring staff or entry-level employee given the task to free up time for the more skilled personnel.

Niloosoft’s systems free up valuable managers and other personnel from these time-consuming but necessary tasks. The software can take the requirements and metrics hiring managers want to use and quickly sort through not just incoming applications but also search desired social media platforms to find all the potential personnel that meet these requirements. The automated head-hunting systems can flag them for either in-house or third-party head-hunting use, letting them sort through and use their own experience and judgment to make more detailed granular decisions from the available pool.

The software can also rapidly analyze resumes to find the appropriate applicants and reserve them for further consideration. However, the system doesn’t have to limit itself to just those reached with an application. The system is capable of browsing established professional social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, and scanning available resumes to find those that meet your needs without needing to allocate additional staff to the task of seeking out available potential hires who haven’t applied and notify you of these extra hiring opportunities.

Training Matters

Another crucial aspect of the automated head-hunting process is ensuring that staff are properly trained in the features of the new system. Provided that the new talent acquisition systems satisfy the specific needs of hiring managers, the rest is just a matter of becoming familiar with the new method involved and taking advantage of the time-saving features, 

Whether your talent acquisition is about automated head hunting for people currently available, approaching employees to entice them from their job, or even mass recruitment, Niloosoft has a suite of recruitment software that can streamline all of these processes to make them faster, more efficient and more effective for everyone. If you’d like to know more about this software, contact us today for more information or to answer any questions, concerns, or clarification about how this software can help your recruiting efforts. We’re always ready to help.