A Mass Recruitment Company’s Software Can Improve Your Hiring Experience

Hiring new employees now offers more flexibility than ever before. Gone are the days when a simple ad in a newspaper with subsequent interviews was all that was required to find new qualified staff. In the 21st century, people are recruited from schools, websites on the Internet, and even through communication software such as WhatsApp. Because of this, hiring can feel challenging, but a mass recruitment company with the right software applications can bring more efficiency and convenience to this process.

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Everything

While “true” artificial intelligence in the sense of software with self-awareness that can think for itself is not yet possible, “AI,” in the form of extremely robust algorithms, is now capable of carrying out many digital tasks not by thinking for itself, but following the rules and criteria set for it. An experienced mass recruitment company, like Niloosoft, can tap into this potential and create new tools to help companies with their hiring process.

One such tool is a “recruitment bot” called the WhatsApp Recruitment Autobot, and it is adding much more possibility and potential to the hiring process for companies that use it.

What Is A Recruitment Bot?

A recruitment bot is sophisticated software that can be instructed with specific requirements, rules, and conditions an employer has for filling specific positions within a business. Once it has all the necessary information required for a company’s needs, it can lift the burden that would normally be taken on by multiple HR staff in fielding and processing applicants from potential candidates.

The typical human resource employee is typically capable of serving only one applicant at a time, accepting applications, taking the time to evaluate them for suitability, reaching out to potential applicants, getting more clarification and screening, and, if everything looks good, eventually scheduling a time for an evaluation or interview with the relevant staff at the company. This must be done by multiple HR employees over the recruitment period, pulling them away from their still vital HR duties and maintaining smooth operations within the company itself for the existing employees.

None of these duties are particularly demanding and do not require the nuance, or sharp judgment of experienced HR personnel, especially for an activity that is largely a process of elimination until a small pool of viable candidates can be handed off to the relevant recruitment staff.

What Does The Bot Do?

The WhatsApp Recruitment Autobot is designed to work in WhatsApp, one of the most popular pieces of communication software for computers and mobile devices. Implementing the recruitment bot allows a company to reserve its HR staff for more important, demanding tasks. In contrast, the bot handles these more entry-level activities without requiring multiple staff to process numerous applicants.

Instead, with this recruitment company recruitment bot, the software, communicating autonomously through WhatsApp can:

Instantly Respond

When a candidate applies with relevant WhatsApp details, the recruitment bot can begin the recruitment process immediately.

Proactively Screen

By communicating with applicants via WhatsApp, the recruitment bot can begin the screening process that eliminates those applicants that aren’t suitable but may nevertheless be applying.

Acquire & Complete Data

If more personal information is required for application purposes, the recruitment bot can ask these questions and get the further personal data needed to round out applications.

Schedule Further Activity

If there is an interview, test, or other assessment activity required, the recruitment bot can discuss timing and availability with the applicant and then schedule the activity as it fits with employer scheduling and requirements.

Keep Applicants Updated

If any questions or additional information are required, the recruitment bot can also autonomously handle these activities, keeping people informed of their recruitment progress.

Collect Data

Analytics is an important part of success, and the recruitment bot can conduct surveys and collect and organize the data it acquires during the application process. All of this can be used as metrics to evaluate processes and fine-tune better methods.

Integrated Functionality

And, of course, if a business is already using Hunter EDGE recruitment systems, the recruitment bot is designed to collaborate seamlessly with that system. It documents and shares all data and decisions made, so people can quickly refer to bot decisions and actions and use them to make the recruitment process more efficient.

Ready To Help You

Niloosoft is a recruitment company that understands just how important finding the right employees is. By making the recruitment process more effective and efficient, your company can quickly return to doing what it does best, with qualified staff to perform their duties.

If you’re interested in improving your recruitment practices and want a way to automate the process and keep your HR staff attending to more challenging matters, Niloosoft can help. Just look into our recruitment bot software and other recruitment systems to see which ones can make a difference in how your company adds new staff.