What To Check When Looking At Enterprise Recruitment Systems

Hiring at the enterprise level of business can be incredibly complex. Larger companies have a legion of different positions to consider, and the hiring itself may take place in multiple cities, states, or even countries simultaneously. Because of this, a powerful enterprise recruitment system is the best solution for hiring at this level.

But what should a company look for when considering investing in an enterprise recruitment system? Many choices are available, so what makes one option better for a particular business? Here are some of the factors you should be looking at when you consider your mass recruitment software on an enterprise scale.


At the enterprise level, hiring needs and decisions often no longer occur within a single isolated office or department. Many different groups, from human resources to specific departments to finance, may need to coordinate hiring and recruitment decisions.

This kind of inter-organizational communication and decision-making can often be long, dragged out, and slow the hiring process considerably if no efficient communication or decision-making mechanisms are in place. Different groups within the company will need easy access to the data relevant to their contribution to the recruitment process and stay in touch with other groups or departments to provide necessary communications or authorizations. Good enterprise recruitment systems will accommodate the need.

Time Reduction

As the old saying goes in business, “Time is money.” When looking at enterprise recruitment systems, you should always look at what features—if any—in a specific product will help to reduce your time in the hiring process. There are many aspects to the recruitment process that be long, drawn out, and time-consuming. What can a potential mass recruitment system do to reduce that time when applied to your company?

The less time you spend involved in the recruitment mechanics means you and your staff can spend more time running the business. See if the enterprise recruitment systems you’re considering can make measurable reductions in your time spent.


One of the best ways to reduce time is to automate certain tasks so that people don’t have to take up part of the working day doing them. For companies considering investing in mass recruitment software, this is another important aspect to look into. Which tasks will that enterprise recruitment system take up and do autonomously? How reliable will it be at completing these automated tasks? Will there be much maintenance or oversight required to ensure the task automation is done to satisfaction?

Answering emails, coordinating and scheduling interviews, and posting to various job boards on the Internet are all tasks that people can do but take up time on the job. See where your recruitment process has repetitive tasks that don’t require the valuable skills of your employees, and find out which software can support those tasks instead.

The Hiring Experience For Applicants

The recruitment process isn’t just about you as a business finding a new employee; it is about a person who may be a potential candidate for your company getting their first taste of what working at your enterprise may be like. This is why good enterprise recruitment systems don’t just accommodate the needs of the employer; they also consider what the hiring experience is like for applicants and try to make this as easy and efficient as possible.

AI, for example, can be deployed as “chatbots” that can immediately and intelligently respond to applicants and candidate queries for those applicants that have progressed further down the consideration route. Being accessible and responsive to applicant queries and needs not only makes the hiring process better for everyone but also provides a positive first impression of your business and can be good for reputational considerations.

Finding The Right Solution

Niloosoft has a flexible, scalable enterprise recruitment system that can address the needs of any large-scale recruitment drive, whether it is hiring for a new office in another country or just building up a new department internally. This is a system that gives companies everything they need to streamline the recruitment process, reduce the time employees spend on it, and even make it possible to continue the process anytime, anywhere, on the go, thanks to an always accessible online system stored in the cloud, so relevant decision makers can access it from their own mobile device, or another computer.

Niloosoft has software to help with applicants, manage resumes, and even work more efficiently by accessing popular social media platforms for hiring and communication purposes, such as LinkedIn or WhatsApp. It can be used to coordinate hiring activities internally or even collaborate with your partners in placement companies and other outsourcing groups to ensure that everyone is aware and always up to date on the hiring process.

If you’re ready to take your mass recruitment to the next level, Niloosoft has a suite of recruitment software that gives you all the tools you need to make the process more streamlined, efficient, and accessible for your team.