How to Find the Ultimate Candidate for the Job

Written by Einat Marom

It is no secret that finding suitable candidates for a specific job is not an easy, and could be extremely challenging.  Resumes in many cases do not reflect the capabilities and skills of the candidates. In other words, the terms used in the resume are hence very and need to be fitted to the vacant position or to the relevant terminology (i.e. Systems Engineering, IT, administration, sales, etc.) which harms their prospects to “be chosen” by HR managers who are looking for the best and most suitable people for the job.

Now that numerous resumes of candidates are in Niloosoft’s System, it is all a matter of efficiency: how to find the best candidate for the job?
Let’s start by clicking on “candidate” button on the top blue toolbar, and then click on
Hunter’s candidates”. A window will open us search options that allow us to type in the same keywords that will lead us to the perfect candidate. This is a user-friendly system that saves precious time and thus optimizes the recruitment process.
Since HR managers are familiar with Hunter EDGE system, they can upgrade their search for the perfect candidate by using the following guidelines and suggestions:
Let’s begin by making sure that each and every CV consists of the following parameters:

  • Qualifications and skills
  • Work Experience 
  • Professional Training
  • Education
  • Languages
  • Computer / Software

When HR managers are looking for candidates with Niloosoft recruitment system, they need to first define their profiles. What are they looking for? System engineers with managerial experience? Must they specialize in a certain field? What languages must they speak/should speak? Has the client (the potential employer) defined the requirement of a certain specialty or work experience? Having substantial experience with specific systems or software-? Where did they serve in the military? (Especially if there is relevance to the job) and more.
After completing the job description, HR managers filter the candidates according to various pre-defined parameters such as qualifications, skills, professional experience and education.
Let’s take, for instance, a radar system engineer’s resume as a candidate for a top position.
The first paragraph should include the candidate’s qualifications, capabilities and skills:

  • BSc. in physics.
  • 10 years of proven experience in radar system engineering.
  • Experience in embedded systems, firmware, software and RF.
  • A substantial ability to characterize, design and analyze systems, write specifications documents, analyze and allocate requirements to sub systems.
  • A systematic understanding of transmit and receive RF chains.
  • Skilled Design and integration of electronics equipment and interfaces to software, hardware and RF.
  • Understanding of radar signal processing and system regime.
  • Ability to lead and manage multidisciplinary teams.

To locate the most suitable candidates for the job, look for the relevnt professional terminology in the field. For example:

  • BSc. In Physics / System Engineering
  • Radar system

Work Experience:

  • IT company
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Professional experience:
  • Professional Expeience/Skills:
  • Signal Processor
  • Calibration
  • Waveforms Generator
  • Scheduler Simulator
  • Integration and Test
  • Used programming languages: C / C ++.

Skills using these words:

  • Designing
  • Analyzing
  • Intergrading
  • Writing
  • Programming
  • Understanding
  • Managing
  • Leading
  • Delivering


English/ Spanish/ Russian / German / French -Mother Tongue level

  • English – Highly skilled, fluent
  • Spanish -fair

Computer / programs Skills:
   You should search for the specific s / w or h / w such as or types:

  • firmware, RF.
  • KRONOS program – Evolution of the military radar EMPAR for SELEX SISTEMI INTEGRATI
  • Used programming languages: ANSI C, ADA95.
  • ATC programs
  • remote sensing systems
  • remote sensing systems
  • TCP / IP, UDP


  • Multitasking
  • Comprehensive responsibility
  • Team player Or High managing skills
  • Team leader
  • Project Manager
  • Highly motivated
  • Creative
  • Committed
  • Dedicated
  • Loyal
  • Confidential
  • High ability to adapt to ..
  • Excellent inter-relations skills
  • High organizational abilities
  • Substantial experience working with international companies

It is important to bear in mind that when our mission is to locate the most suitable and skilled candidates for the job (once we set the level of knowledge, experience, and professional expertise, including education), it is essential and highly effective to click the relevant professional terminology so that the candidates will be come up.
Let’s go back to the radar systems engineer.
If we defined the position as management (executive), we must carefully examine the level of skills, education including professional experience of the candidate mostly by working with worldwide companies.
In addition, we must be very clear in terms of their personal and professional qualifications as listed under their English resume under “Qualifications”
So…who are we looking for?
Are we looking for a team leader?
A manager with experience in managing teams in various fields?
Is our preference is that of an engineer with creative abilities?
Works under specific time frames/deadlines?
High managerial ability in front of various levels?
What languages should/must they speak?
What language does the existing staff speak? English, Spanish, French ?
Which markets will they be need to work with? International?
Does he have a vast experience in negotiating? Conferences? Meetings in English or other languages?
Does the position involve frequent travelling abroad?

Well written resumes will make your life easier. They are the key!
They will lead you to the RIGHT candidate since they will incorporate the relevant terminology and the precise business English according to the various criteria.
I always compare this to deciphering the codes as if we are dealing with opening a SAFE at the bank. If you are precise, you will open that safe.
You will then close that deal or in this case, find the PERFECT candidate for your client.

As mentioned, finding a suitable candidate for each position is sometimes a complex task that requires experience and professionalism nonetheless when the task is to find professionals such as engineers, project managers in the field of space industry, radar and other systems. Therefore, it is important to strongly emphasize that when you, HR managers, meet the person who is looking for a job, make sure he/she send you a professionally written CV with precise terms that will allow the identification of high quality candidates for the relevant position.

To conclude, Niloosoft’s Hunter EDGE system serves as a platform which enables you, HR managers, to locate and track down the best people for the jobs even when the search is in English.
Good luck!

Written by Einat Marom,
Global Business Communication Training for Executives and Employees
English Worldwide
[email protected] +972-50-4307153