The Next Generation of Gift Vouchers

The Next Generation of Gift Vouchers

Written by:  Rafi Shamir, CEO of XBonu

Choosing and purchasing gifts for an organization’s employees for holidays, birthdays and other happy occasions is a chore well known to directors of human resources and welfare departments.

This sign of personal attention raises the workers’ motivation and makes them feel special. Incentives, even a token reward for meeting goals, encourage the worker and have been found to lead to improved performance and a lowering of stress.

One would think that the process of choosing a gift for the employees would be enjoyable, but if you ask the HR personnel tasked with doing it, many will tell you that it’s one big headache.

Gifts for employees and customers are supposed to be original and unexpected, bringing pleasure to the recipients, but how does one chose a gift that will produce the desired reaction in dozens, hundreds or even thousands of individuals? How does one pick out an original gift for the New Year, year after year? One effective solution to this problem is to give gift vouchers, thereby transferring the power of choice to the recipients.

Giving the choice to the workers

Giving gift vouchers has a number of advantages. One of the most significant is the wide variety of possibilities (amusement parks, restaurants, movies/films, spas, and more) for the recipient to choose from. This type of gift is preferable by far over some insipid object chosen by management.

Another advantage is the choice itself. When you give your employees or clients a digital system that contains a broad selection of experiences, you give them the ability to control the nature of the gift and to choose exactly what they want. This greatly enhances its value in their eyes.

The world is going digital

The Internet has changed the way we do things. And since smartphones invaded our lives, the change has gone a step further. When’s the last time you went to the bank, or mailed a letter, or paid a bill by telephone, or bought tickets to a movie at the ticket counter? And those are only a few of the things we all do via the Internet and our smartphones.

The gift vouchers we are familiar with are real vouchers. They are printed on paper or loaded onto plastic cards designed like credit cards. With developing technologies, gift vouchers are also joining the digital world, making things a lot easier for the HR people. There’s really no reason for gift vouchers to continue to be printed on paper or loaded onto plastic cards.

Gift vouchers are going digital, and you are cordially invited to join the revolution.

How does it work?

The digital voucher system enables the voucher to be sent directly to the worker’s smartphone within seconds. By the way, the system can display videos with the employee’s name, personalizing the gift, adding to the employees’ pleasure. The worker goes into a special website, designed in the brand language of the organization, and chooses a gift from all the offerings on the page. All that’s left to do is to enjoy.

Furthermore, the system allows delayed sending, so that the page of gift choices can be sent, together with a personal message, on the day of a birthday or other occasion.

The choice of leading companies in Israel

Digital gift vouchers have quite a few advantages: you can create and send them in an instant; they can be custom designed; the system enables efficient control and reporting; you get a huge savings in costs; the possibility of delivery on desired dates; and a wide variety of businesses and chains in which to redeem the voucher.

Next time you have to choose gifts for employees or clients (and we all know that time is soon), you are invited to move up to the next generation of gift vouchers, saving time and cost, while giving the gifts most in demand in the most convenient and advanced way.

XBonus has vast experience in the realm of digital and printed gift vouchers for employees and clients, which is why so many leading companies in Israel chose XBonus digital gift vouchers, companies such as AIG, Arkia, Mimun Yashir, Raphael, Nice, Leumi, Teva, and more.

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