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The “Hunter EDGE” system is the most advanced recruitment system today.

This recruitment system works on cloud technology and is a unique and perfect solution for organizations (of any size) and for placement companies.

The “Hunter EDGE” system is intuitive and user-friendly and was established to streamline the recruitment process in terms of time, order, savings and speed.

The recruitment system performs automatic filing and analysis of all resumes received in the system, and supports all existing formats. In addition, the resume is stored on the company’s servers in the strictest and most stringent security standards in Israel and creates for you a large resume database within which you can perform complex searches for a variety of jobs by precisely matching keywords that you enter by the automatic hunters.

Of course we can back up and upload to the recruitment system any certificate file you have today and in fact thus create for you a convenient database that is characterized exactly for your needs.

If in the past, the recruitment process took a long time and included various manual processes, then the automation in the recruitment system allows for more efficient monitoring and redirection of time and manpower resources to manage additional recruitment processes.