Niloosoft’s personnel recruitment system Upgrade – February 2024

We continue to release new version updates every month, utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies! This month, we’ve introduced new features designed to streamline the recruitment processes for our clients and reduce work times within the leading Hunter EDGE recruitment system. These enhancements include the upgrade of WhatsApp template usage, the addition of tooltips in the system for an ease use, and more! In this article, we will reveal the latest innovations added to the Hunter EDGE recruitment system as part of the February 2024 version update.

1. WhatsApp Template Mechanism Upgrade –

Have you started using the new feature of sending templates to candidates using the new communication line – WhatsApp? As part of our version update, we’ve upgraded the mechanism and added the option for ADMIN users in the Hunter EDGE recruitment system to update and edit templates! From now on, if you want to change one of the templates you’ve created, you won’t need to add a new template – instead, you can easily edit and improve it using the pencil edit button and save the template after you’ve finished updating! See an editing preview example:

2. We Added Hovering Tooltips as Part of the Resume Box in the System –

To ease the system users, we’ve added hovering tooltips in the toolbar as part of the resume box! These are actually graphic hints that appear with small writing providing information about the object over which the cursor hovers, creating a user-friendly graphical interface. The tooltips we’ve added include: Delete, Mark as Read, Filter, Refresh View, Sort. See an example:

3. Permission Policy Change as Part of the Mini Site Feature –

Are you familiar with the advanced feature in our recruitment system – Mini Site? Links to landing pages for each job in the system at the click of a button! Last month, we announced a new version update of the feature, allowing you to customize the landing pages’ color to your organization branding + adding a filtering question mechanism tailored for each job. As part of the previous update – we added these special capabilities for the ENT version only! We decided to allow the PRO version users to purchase the upgrade for their system, so they too can use the filtering question mechanism and customized design.

4. We Improved the Reporting Mechanism –

One of the unique features of Niloosoft is the “field generator,” which allows each client to add custom fields to the system independently of the development team! As part of the version update, we’ve improved our reporting generator to match the special fields for each client, enabling the creation of reports that contain these special fields. We can’t wait to hear your opinions on the features we’ve improved and added! Continuing to upgrade for you. Niloosoft team.