Hiring system version upgrades and updates – January 2024

The new year of 2024 kicks off with a new and advanced technologies in the recruitment world at Niloosoft! This month, we’ve developed and released innovative features and recruitment tools that will provide our client with the best tools for efficient and advanced work within the Hunter EDGE recruitment system. Among them are advanced visual dashboards, a landing page question filtering mechanism, an enhanced report generator, and more! In this article, we’ll reveal the latest innovations added to the Hunter EDGE recruitment system as part of the January 2024 version update.

1. Dashboard Implementation in Job Cards

We’ve added a first-of-its-kind dashboard to each job card for measuring the recruitment stages of candidates throughout the process! From now on, you’ll be able to visually see the status of the recruitment process for a job, the number of candidates at each stage, and additional information related to the job recruitment. This dashboard will provide the recruitment team with an up-to-date picture of the job recruitment at any given moment, making it easy and efficient to measure the recruitment processes. Spoiler alert – there are many more dashboards on the way!

2. Job Management Permission Management

We’ve added a new capability for the recruiter manager user in the advanced versions to open a job in the system. Also, system managers now have the option to control the permissions of recruiting managers regarding whether they can manage the job on their own.

3. Viewing Candidates by Permissions

We’ve added a special permission option that allows ADMIN users in the ENT version to define a specific group of users to only view specific jobs and candidates assigned to them in the system [if these users are designated as contacts for jobs].

4. We Launched a Completely New MINI SITE!

Following requests from our clients, we decided to significantly upgrade the MINI SITE feature – across all versions of the system: we’ve significantly improved the ability to share the job through additional channels and upgraded the job sharing toolbar to more social media. – In all versions of the system: We added a feature as part of the job posting, adding a banner [image] to the post on social media. In the ENT version – you can now customize the landing page design color to your satisfaction, so it speaks the branding language of your organization. In the ENT version – from today, you will be able to add a filtering question mechanism, allowing you to define tailored filtering questions for each job and save precious time!

5. Making the “Mobile” Field Mandatory for New User Setup and Existing User Editing

As part of adapting to the new Data Security needs, every user is required to have both a mobile number and an email address, so we’ve added the “mobile” field as a mandatory field for users in the system.

6. We Improved the Report Generator

We’ve added a “candidate manager” field to our reports. Which makes it possible to issue reports according to the user responsible for each recruitment process of his candidates

7. We Improved the Job Closure Mechanism

As part of improving the job closure mechanism, the reasons for pausing/closing the job will be saved as an activity under the same job. From today on, an automatic activity will be created in the job card at the time of pausing/closing a job. This allows the recruitment team to systematically follow this on every job card. This addition will enable more accurate and better reports regarding job activity tracking, job activity time, and reasons for closing/pausing the job. We’re can’t wait to hear your feedback on the features we’ve improved and added! Continuing to upgrade for you. Niloosoft team.